6 Second Hebrew: Flag, Bus and Fall


From tiny seeds, artistic inspiration

Jerry Hill by the PJCC Mural

Story by Eileen Mitchell. Senator Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo (who is quoted in the article) contemplating the significance of the Grow Justice Mural. Photo credit: Sharon Giordano. The Grow Justice mural was a community endeavor inspired when Kimberly Gordon, Peninsula JCC cultural arts director, was introduced to artist Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen. Upon learning of the […]

Tomatoes and Tikkun Olam

PJCC Garden and Mural

Story by Eileen Mitchell, photos by Sharon Giordano. PJCC preschooler (who has since moved on to kindergarten) Molly Rosenberg in the Justice Garden. Photo credit: Sharon Giordano. Cooking has always been one of Wendy L’s favorite hobbies. But when the already exorbitant rent on her Silicon Valley one-bedroom apartment increased by a 50 percent, preparing […]

Teens respond to hands-on projects during JCC Cares

JCC Cares in Detroit

Built into each host community’s running of the JCC Maccabi programs is JCC Cares — formerly, Days of Caring and Sharing — in which Games participants engage in social action projects that reach out to the community. And what each of 2014’s hosts — Adolph & Rose Levis JCC in Boca Raton, Florida, Betty & […]

Building on the brand

The J

It took two years, thousands of survey responses, and input from a 22-member advisory group —representing 19 JCCs and camps — to develop the revitalized JCC brand. But it’s only taken a handful of months since its introduction at the JCC Association Biennial in March to see it take shape as JCCs across the continent […]

How JCC Cares became an ongoing program

JCC Cares in Houston

Houston’s J turned a one-day gig into a two-year project What happens when you bring a bunch of athletic and artsy teens together, mix them with a nationally recognized ballet company and a renowned educational dance program, and shake with a dash of community service? You wind up with a JCC Cares program that continues […]

A High Holiday surprise

Rosh Hashanna at Surprise Lake Camp

What happens when a camp celebrates Rosh Hashanah Ina Muskin and her family aren’t religious. They don’t belong to a synagogue. And past high holidays haven’t seemed to be about themes of the season, but more about fees and membership. Despite that, or maybe because of it, the family of four is going to travel […]

Shabbat makes for a winning wow at JCC day camp

JCC Camps at Medford

By Aaron Greenberg, Camp Director of JCC Camps at Medford. This story was originally printed in the Summer 2014 issue of the JCC Circle. Jewish Overnight camps have long done a tremendous job defining Shabbat and carving out sacred space to observe it in a variety of ways. But day camps, too, have a role […]

Giving JCCs the tools to “do” Israel

Israel Tool Kit Page 19

This story was originally printed in the Summer 2014 issue of the JCC Circle. It started with a kernel of an idea: How can JCCs increase their engagement with Israel, both for the institution and for the people it serves? The result was Israel & Your JCC, an all-in-one guide to finding ways for the […]

Taking on the mantle of leadership


This story was originally printed in the Summer 2014 issue of the JCC Circle. What does it mean to lead a JCC in the 21st century? Fifty-one participants from 31 JCCs in the Esther Leah Ritz Emerging JCC Leaders Institute spent their time at the Biennial exploring that question—and coming up with their own answers—during […]