Finding your bashert* in the holy land


When Deb Seaman participated in JCC Association’s first LGBTQ Israel Pride trip in 2014, she figured she would come back with some great memories and a handful of mementos. She didn’t think she’d come back with the best souvenir of all — a new relationship. But Seaman, a native New Yorker, has relocated to Austin, […]

Red, white and blue Shabbat


By Gabe Miner This summer the Fourth of July coincides with Shabbat, a potential challenge when you consider all JCC camps celebrate Shabbat and do something to mark America’s birthday. Will the celebration of one holiday impede the celebration of the other? What Shabbat rituals will have to fall by the wayside for July Fourth […]

Wear with pride


JWB Jewish Chaplains Council has been providing for the religious, educational, and morale needs of Jewish military personnel, their families, and patients in Veterans Affairs hospitals since 1917 — but now we’ve got swag! And for a limited time, for $20, you can purchase a T-shirt bearing JWB Jewish Chaplain Council’s logo and emblazoned with […]

JCC Maccabi participants take talent abroad


Past participants head to Berlin games When the European Maccabi Games get underway in Berlin on July 27, some of its proudest participants will be veterans of the JCC Maccabi Games™. “I can’t wait for the experience,” says Adam Chaskin, executive director of Sidney Albert Albany JCC in upstate New York who will be coaching […]

One cool pop


Mexico City native Fany Gerson, may have graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and worked at Michelin-starred restaurants, but she found her passion creating and writing about the sweets of her native country. Her first cookbook, My Sweet Mexico, focused on an array of delicious and exotic confections such as fritters filled with mescal-flavored […]

6 Second Hebrew: Father, Summer, Candy


All of the important words you need to know for the month of June!

JCC Association pursues change, as new vice president is brought on board


Wendy Seligson, who helped steer the 14th Street Y of the Educational Alliance in New York, during a period of rapid expansion, has been hired as executive vice president for strategy and operations of JCC Association. Seligson, who has served as associate executive director of the 14th Street Y since 2007, worked closely with Dr. […]

Teen engagement initiative receives start-up funding


JCC Association to partner with the Marks JCH of Bensonhurst What happens when you combine Russian-speaking teens, a focus on arts and technology and the exploration of Jewish identity? You come up with ARTEL, a collaboration between JCC Association and the Edith and Carl Marks Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst. This innovative, year-long program, which […]

Gettin’ your grill on


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the outdoor cooking season. Whether you’re tailgating, competing or just eating, people are passionate about their barbecue, and there’s regional styles – and rivalry – galore. But generally you can divide your cooking into slow-cooked barbecue over indirect heat, or grilling and the accompanying char that goes […]

Dairy does it for Shavuot


Coinciding with Memorial Day this year is Shavuot, the holiday that celebrates when the Israelites, having escaped Egypt, received the law from God. One of the traditions associated with holiday is that we eat dairy foods. There is no stipulation in Jewish law that we do so – some think it comes from the notion […]

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