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Munich 11 to be remembered in Rio


The 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich will be remembered officially at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to create space within the Olympic village dedicated to the memory of the 11 Israelis, who were kidnapped by Black September terrorists and murdered during a […]

Operation Seder to bring Passover to our troops


Online campaign to run from Purim through Pesach Jews around the world celebrate Purim today. And one of the ways they mark the holiday is by giving tzedakah, or charity, to those in need. JWB Jewish Chaplain’s Council has always met the needs of Jewish men and women in the military by providing seders and […]

6 Second Hebrew: Spring, Wine, Cat


New words for a new season.

Experience JCCs worldwide


Connect with the worldwide Jewish community this autumn at Ninth World Conference of JCC Global. The program runs Nov. 3-6 in Jerusalem. The program, which is run in conjunction with the weeklong Amitim-Fellows-Global Jewish Leadership Network program, explores Jewish Peoplehood: From Vision to Action. Amitim is a three-year program designed to develop a group of […]

Unplug yourself


Tied to your laptop? Overwhelmed by your email? Is the word “wireless” meaningless because you’re attached to your phone as if by umbilical cord? Then it’s time to unplug! Join JCC Association and JCCs across the continent as we once again partner with Reboot for the National Day of Unplugging, which runs from sundown to […]

A wall of good will


Camp Chi tackles the R-word with the help of TAG When Camp Chi’s staff was planning the upcoming summer last year, they wanted to take on something big: The R-word. And to do so, they created a camp-wide project that used a unit of TAG: Daily Living Through a Jewish Lens™. M’shaneh Habriyot: Diversity in […]

Make a little noise – it’s Purim


Masks. Merrymaking. Costumes. Drinking. Spoofs. Just when you need it most, in the dreariest part of the year comes Purim, one of our most festive holidays. The celebration started last night at sundown, on the Hebrew day of the 13th of Adar, and continues through this evening. Last night and this morning, we read Megillat […]

An Israel awakening


Transforming the JCC-Israel experience Rochelle Reich Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to join 20 other JCC professionals and lay leaders from across North America on a journey through Israel as part of the Israel Enhancement Program. This proved to be a personally and professionally transformative experience. I want to stress that I am not […]

Leading through learning

Stephen Hazan Arnoff

Stephen Hazan Arnoff assesses the new gig He’s been on the job since mid-February and Stephen Hazan Arnoff, JCC Association’s new CEO and president, is impressed. “It’s exhilarating to be in conversations with executives, staff and lay leaders from all over the country,” he says from his office overlooking Eighth Avenue and 36th Street. “There’s […]

Kol Ha Kavod. We wish you well.


Allan Finkelstein came to JCC Association more than two decades ago, and he gave us a vision, an unshakeable belief that JCCs — together, as a Movement — play a critical role in shaping Jewish identity. He couldn’t have been more right. Allan has always insisted on service and excellence. During his tenure, JCC Association […]

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