Community Consultation

Arts, Culture & Ideas Consultation

The consultant on arts, culture and ideas provides support and leadership to JCC professionals in a variety of ways.

  • creates opportunities for JCCs to meet, network, and share best practices
    communicates with JCCs about arts and culture programming, advising on content, growth of programs, and funding opportunities
  • creates signature programming, including the development of program materials that can be adapted “menu style” and be implemented in JCCs and their communities
  • collaborates with JCCs individually, in small groups, or on a continental level to maximize and share resources including latest trends and programming ideas with JCC professionals
  • serves the JCC Movement, bringing expertise and resources to bear, and offering strategies for success, motivating and supporting on a case by case basis
  • provides access under the JCC Association umbrella to opportunities, discounted memberships, and other initiatives designed to further strategic and program development
  • recommends initiatives to increase arts and culture programming, and drive new members to JCCs

For more information about an arts, culture & ideas consultation, contact Randy Lutterman.

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