Community Consultation

Sports, Fitness and Wellness Consultation

JCC Association’s sports and wellness department is committed to supporting the growth of fitness, sports, aquatics and wellness staff and programs in Jewish Community Centers. JCC Association sports and wellness department goals are to: position JCC sport and wellness departments as a leader within their community; move from fitness to wellness; guide JCCs in the business of fitness; building retention through programming; support JCCs through quality staff by offering training opportunities and education resources; keep JCCs abreast with the latest fitness, aquatics, sports and wellness trends; and understand Jewish content in the sports and wellness business.  Contact us for more information.

The Sports & Wellness Department: Site Visits and Assessments

  • Share best practices for fitness, aquatics and sports
  • Implement tracking
  • Offer tools and resources for the enhancement of the fitness, aquatics and sports
  • Share latest trends and fitness, aquatics and sports concepts
  • Propose concepts for operating fitness, aquatics and sports at maximum potential
  • Recommend initiatives to increase fitness, aquatics and sports programming
  • Suggest motivational programming ideas for fitness, aquatics and sports
  • Evaluate fitness, aquatics and sports programming
  • Offer strategies for training staff to cross-market and up-sell,
  • Offer options for space efficiency in JCC sports and wellness facilities
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