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Lekhu Lakhem: Jewish and Educational Journeys for JCC Camp Directors


Lekhu Lakhem: Jewish and Educational Journeys for JCC Resident Camp Directors is a two year program launched in 2004 and made possible by a generous grant from the AVI CHAI Foundation.

Lekhu Lakhem Fellows participate in a series of five seminars in North America and one extended seminar in Israel, along with an ongoing program of Jewish learning and educational mentoring. Hemshekh Fellows also participate in ongoing Jewish learning and educational mentoring, as well as two seminars in North America.

The content of the seminars focus on Jewish education and camp leadership, using texts to grapple with issues of philosophy, Jewish vision, camp administration and Jewish educational leadership. All these subjects are examined within the context of JCC camps and the issues that our directors face in the course of their work.


Lekhu Lakhem aims to provide senior camp personnel with:

  • An understanding that by virtue of their positions as directors of JCC camps, they are, in fact, Jewish educators, and that there is Jewish educational import to all their decisions
  • An accessible, positive, enriching experience with Jewish learning
  • The ability to articulate a vision for their camps as Jewish educational institutions
  • A set of skills and strategies to translate their new Jewish visions into the life and programs of their camps
  • An understanding of how a Jewish camp community is built and operates
  • A professional development experience that will enhance the course and content of their careers and make them recognized, potent change agents and leaders within the field of JCC camping and within the greater JCC Movement

Lekhu Lakhem IV, based upon the principles of JCC Association’s Lekhu Lakhem I II and III – Jewish and Educational Journeys for Jewish Camp Directors: A Senior Fellows Seminar, will accept twenty fellows, ten from JCC Association affiliated camps and ten from other independent Jewish camps. To learn more details about the initiative, including important dates, please click here.

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