Information Resources

About Information Resources

Our goal is to identify, collect, organize, and disseminate information to JCCs, including compilations of Listserv questions and responses, and innovative documents, presentations, and templates from JCC staff members across all departments. We provide survey administration, analysis, and compilation of data about crucial issues facing the JCC Movement, such as salary information, Shabbat openings, and financial resource development. After determining what knowledge is needed by JCCs, we develop systems to share the best information from inside and outside the JCC world. We communicate this information to executives and presidents through the JCC Leader.

Our knowledge library,, is a go-to for the sharing of useful information between JCC Association and JCC staff and lay leaders. It features current items of interest, publications, manuals, guidelines, articles, tool kits, and other information. It provides the most frequently requested information, access to marketing resources such as photos, logos, and illustrations, and enhanced sharing and collaboration across the JCC Movement to help in every facet of JCC work.

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