Jared Foundation Funds Discover: CATCH Training

Staff members from four JCCs will be learning techniques to combat childhood obesity, thanks to a generous grant from the Jared Foundation. Jared Fogle, spokesperson for SUBWAY® sandwich shops and founder of the foundation, endorsed JCC Association’s Discover: CATCH program last year and the foundation has contributed to help train JCC staff in different parts of the country. The JCCs in Indianapolis and Tucson sent staff to a training in Columbus, Ohio, and the JCCs in Scottsdale and Las Vegas will be trained later this year. So far, staff at 13 JCCs have been trained with the support of different funders.

“Discover: CATCH makes an impressive impact on both children and staff at our JCC,” wrote Jeanne Lovy, director of early learning at the JCCs of Greater Boston. “Whereas before they would hardly have met each other, health & fitness coaches and early learning center teachers now not only meet, they collaborate for the direct benefit of children.” Discover: CATCH trainers Steve Becker, Joy Brand, and Mark Horowitz have been certified by the CATCH program at the University of Texas. “Their energy, expertise and presence gave an incredible boost to our efforts, as it has done from the very start of Discover: CATCH,” Lowy continued.

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