JCC Journeys: Adult Jews Living and Learning

JCC Journeys: Adult Jews Living and Learning

JCC Journeys: Adult Jews Living and Learning is the Mandel Center for Jewish Education’s program designed to strengthen adult Jewish engagement and identity. Through JCC Journeys, Jewish adults in our JCCs will engage in compelling, flexible, and integrated ways of learning that bolster and deepen their sense of Jewish pride and belonging.

JCC Journeys examine issues of daily living through a Jewish lens. They are designed help JCCs create communities of “fellow travelers,” who accompany one another on their individual Jewish journeys. JCC Journeys units connect Jewish wisdom, the product of centuries of Jewish experiences, to life’s dilemmas in the 21st century.

Food: A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine and You— an interactive program on food that invites participants to consider how the acts of eating and drinking are not only physical activities, but also ones with profound personal, communal and cultural meanings.

To Laugh! Jews and Humor— A 5,000 Year Old Love Story, explores the history and relationship of Jews and humor in engaging – and very funny! – ways.

Artzeinu— Israel through the Arts uses contemporary film, music, photography, poetry, and other artforms to explore issue of daily living in Israel today. It looks at Israel Israel through the eyes of its “culture makers” and uses the aesthetic dimension to help answer the question “what does Israel mean to me?”

What’s Love got to do with it?— A Jewish Perspective on Love and Relationships explores love, intimacy, friendship, loneliness, and all their complicated combinations are the subjects of this unit on life’s relationships. It examines the Jewish perspective on human relationships in all their variety, depth and intersection.

Living Simply— Consumerism and the Environment is the newest JCC Journeys unit. It explores the relationship between our daily routines as consumers, and the well-being of the world around us. If you thought environmentalism was just about hugging trees, you’re in for a surprise.

For more information about these JCC Journeys programs and others, contact David Ackerman.

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