Mandel Center for Jewish Education Donors

The Mandel Center for Jewish Education is underwritten by a generous grant from the Mandel Supporting Foundations. This grant enables MCJE to undertake important initiatives to enhance and increase Jewish living and learning experiences throughout the Jewish Community Center Movement.

In addition, the Mandel Center for Jewish Education is grateful to the AVI CHAI Foundation for its generous grants which fund the following programs:

  1. Lekhu Lakhem: Jewish and Educational Journeys for JCC Resident Camp Directors (now in its second cohort of directors),
  2. Hemshekh: A Program of Continuing Jewish Learning and Growth for Lekhu Lakhem Cohort I Alumni, and
  3. Chizuk (Strengthening): Jewish Programming Directors Strengthening Lekhu Lakhem JCC Camps.

MCJE thanks the Legacy Heritage Fund for its support of the JCC Association/Legacy Heritage Fund Days of Sharing and Caring program which makes possible Jewish values-based TAG initiatives and community service programs in JCC day and resident camps.

MCJE is also grateful for a generous grant from the Goodman Family Foundation for creating The Goodman Family Institute – Yisrael Sheli (My Israel): a Teen Program of Israel Education and Experience for JCC Resident Camps.

The JCC Association New Initiatives Fund has enabled the creation of Journeys: Adult Jews Living and Learning. We thank the many generous donors whose contributions established this fund.