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Posts by Chris Strom

JCC Association Statement on Immigration

The first Jewish Community Centers were founded more than a century ago to teach Jews, newly arrived as immigrants, how to become good Americans. We succeeded in that mission, and Jews have served this land proudly through the decades, as civilians and in the military, contributing to the arts, the sciences, to government, business, and … Continued

The deepest love

“There were no happier days for the people of Israel than the Fifteenth of Av and Yom Kippur”. (Mishna, Ta’anit Chapter 4, 8) Today, Tu B’Av, the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Av we celebrate our own Jewish Valentine’s Day. Our own Jewish day cheering for love. Tu B’Av, is both an ancient … Continued

Welcome Alan!

In 2010, Alan Mann retired from JCC Association as executive vice president. He didn’t imagine then that he’d be back. But he is, serving as interim president. “In some ways, it doesn’t seem like I ever left,” says Mann, who was recognized with the Florence G. Heller Professional Award at the JCCs of North America … Continued

Our “Tell Your JCC Story” contest winner

In 1952, a young veteran decided to give blood at the JCC. A chance meeting there changed his life forever, and gave our “Tell Your JCC Story” contest its first place winner. Becky Ewer, marketing and creative director at the Mittleman JCC in Portland, Oregon, submitted the story because, “The MJCC is a place to … Continued

Biennial participants to get arty, telling the JCC story

Baltimore artist to help create mural Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen grew up knowing that whatever he did in life, it needed to honor three things: his Jewish heritage, the power of the arts, and to make a difference in the world. And he does so, as an artist who engages communities in participatory workshop experiences to … Continued

Swimming and life lessons rolled into one

Eric Poniatowski When it comes to taking the plunge, Au-Some Swimmers has given participants on the autism spectrum life lessons that help them do more than just stay afloat. This program of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Buffalo Holland Family Building offers its Western New York participants a program designed to teach critical life … Continued

5 surefire seder hacks for Passover family fun

Passover, which begins on Friday, April 22 with the first seder, can be a challenge, with a long seder to sit through, all of those dietary restrictions, and boxes and boxes of matzah. Fortunately, thanks to the magic of Pinterest, it’s easy to find fun ways to celebrate that will make the holiday more creative … Continued

Dylan and Sheva A-Z

Sounding Board is ever so proud to be part of the team that recently announced the launch of the Sheva Center for Innovation in Early Childhood Jewish Education. This is an exciting moment for us. We are blessed with the opportunity to impact thousands of JCC early childhood professionals in 141 JCC early childhood programs, including the … Continued

ASAP campaign takes off to reprint JWB siddur

For someone serving in the military or recovering at a VA hospital, it can be difficult to stay connected to Judaism. While many bases and hospitals have chaplains, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council saw the need for service men and women to have access to a prayer book, or siddur, that could go with them wherever … Continued