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Posts by Leah Garber

A View From Jerusalem – July 2017

For The Sake Of Heaven Today, the first of the Hebrew month of Av marks the 70th anniversary of the Exodus—symbol of Jewish despair and helplessness in the face of an apathetic world. Exodus, a packet steamer, carried 4,515 Jewish Holocaust survivors from France to Israel, then known as British Mandatory Palestine. Most of the emigrants had no … Continued

View from Jerusalem – The Kotel

On Sunday, the Israeli government demonstrated the true meaning of politics by doing not necessarily what is right, or even what it believes in, but rather, took a long hard look at polls and did a calculated assessment of what would best ensure votes for the next elections. The government voted to freeze the implementation … Continued

A View From Jerusalem – June 2017

True colors are beautiful …“But I see your true colors Shining through I see your true colors And that’s why I love you So don’t be afraid to let them show Your true colors True colors are beautiful Like a rainbow”… Cyndi Lauper   Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city, also known as the “World’s … Continued

A View From Jerusalem – May 2017

“Jerusalem of Gold, and of Light and of Bronze, I am the Lute for all your Songs” “You’re shaking … so am I. It’s because of Jerusalem, isn’t it?“—Elie Wiesel Today, the 28th of Iyar marks the 50th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem, the Jewish world’s capital. I was born and raised in Jerusalem—a fourth … Continued

A View From Jerusalem – April 2017

Turning from mourning to celebration “Thanks to you I understand what I received from our country, but more so, what I need to give back,” Hadar Goldin Z”L Hadar Goldin was killed on Aug. 1, 2014, during one of Operation Protective Edge’s 72-hour ceasefires. Despite the break in hostilities, Hamas terrorists went ahead and ambushed … Continued

A View From Jerusalem, April 2017

Memory that carries us back—and forward The Talmud in Ta’anit tells the following story: Honi the Wise One, also known as Honi the Circle Maker, was taking a walk when he saw a man planting a carob tree. Honi asked the man, “How long will it take for this tree to bear fruit?” The man … Continued

A View from Jerusalem (March 2017)

Next week the Jewish world will celebrate Purim, a holiday that introduces the concept of anti-Semitism and the demonization of the Jews, whose laws are different from the people of Persia, where they live. “There is a certain people scattered and dispersed among all the other peoples and in all the provinces of your empire. … Continued

A Maccabean dream made for our times – A View From Jerusalem

Today, Feb. 14 marks 121 years since the publication of Theodor Herzl’s landmark publication, Der Judenstaat, also known as “The Jewish State.” In it, Herzl envisioned the founding of a future independent Jewish state during the 20th century. “The Jewish State” is considered one of the most important texts of early Zionism, where Herzl argues that the best way to avoid … Continued

In a week of chaos, we hold fast to our dreams

Haas Promenade, Jerusalem. A site known to every tourist visiting Israel. Blessing Shehecheyanu upon arrival to Jerusalem while admiring the spectacular view of our Jewish capital. This same site symbolizes more than anything our Jewish journey—one that reflects our glorious history, flourishing present and promising future. At the same time, it reminds us of Jerusalem’s … Continued

Light unto the Nations

Tomorrow night the Jewish world will light the first candle of Hanukkah, a holiday celebrating the Jewish rebellion against their Assyrian-Greek oppressors. Hanukkah has come to symbolize our everlasting struggle against persecution throughout our shared history. Jewish identity, Jewish values and preserving the Jewish tradition are what the Maccabees fought for. More than 2,000 years … Continued