Parshat B’reishit (Genesis 1:1-6:8)

“The man names his wife Eve, because she was the mother of all the living.” (Genesis 3:20) Parashat B’reishit stands as a timely commentary on the recent and recurring violence in American life. Cain and Abel, the world’s first brothers, both make offerings to God. God accepts Abel’s, but not Cain’s. So Cain kills Abel. […]

In an ancient city, a spark of the creative


JCC Innovation Lab: Jerusalem first of its kind Twenty-four JCCs will be taking part in JCC Association’s first JCC Innovation Lab: Jerusalem in early November. As they explore “Technology, Talent, Tolerance and Tradition,” and how innovators in Israel are grappling with such issues, they will spend their time reimagining how JCCs can reshape the Jewish communal […]

Shape the Jewish future at Biennial (and get a price break, too!)

biennial fun

Registration for JCCs of North America Biennial in Baltimore is open! This is where you’ll meet colleagues, network, learn and grow, all in the name of building on the past and shaping the future of the JCC Movement. We will be kicking off the Centennial Celebration of the JCC Movement in Baltimore, Sunday, May 15-Wednesday, […]

Creating community with every RPM

Cycle for Good

Cycle for Good builds on past success When JCC Association rolled out Cycle for Good—a continental fundraiser involving stationary bikes, group riding and a lot of ruach (spirit)—four years ago, Audrey Edwards knew the event would be perfect for the JCCs of Greater Boston. “When we saw the email, we couldn’t have hit ‘yes’ faster,” […]

Recognizing the very best


An objective of JCCs of North America Biennial is to give JCC leaders a sense of what it means to be connected to the larger JCC Movement. The scope and opportunity available for learning, networking and exploration opens up as they see their JCC as one more piece in a vivid mosaic of Jewish life. […]

A worldwide network of JCCs


JCC Global celebrates ninth conference in Jerusalem JCC Global will convene senior leadership of the Jewish Community Center Movement worldwide to address the main concerns of Jewish life today, focusing on Jewish peoplehood and enhancing programming at local JCCs in its ninth annual conference in Jerusalem. The conference takes place Nov. 1-6 at the Yehuda […]

6 Second Hebrew: Fall, Birds, Bus


Free Exercise Meets the Establishment Clause in Military Service


Responding to Religious Freedom in the US Military by Harold L. Robinson, director, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council A wounded Marine, a Catholic, endures the agony of physical therapy on his burned right hand covered in recent skin grafts. He must fully open his hand despite the pain or never regain its use. The pain has […]

Parashat V’Zot Habracha (Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12)

“…I have let you see it with your own eyes, but you shall not cross there.” (Deuteronomy 34:4) The present moment is where past and future meet and always is a negotiation between the two. Parashat V’zot Habracha telegraphs that message loud and clear. V’zot Habracha is the last parasha, or portion in Deuteronomy and […]

Home Sweet Home


Everyone wants to go home. Everyone wants to be somewhere she or he belongs. But getting home is not always easy. Geography, money, people, and time can all make the journey home difficult. Then there is the challenge of maintaining a home once it has been found. Sukkot, celebrated this week in the homestretch of […]

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