A tribute to those who serve


It was an honor for the Jewish Educational Alliance in Savannah, Georgia to present Capt. Rabbi David Gingold, as featured speaker at their Jewish Federation Lunch ‘n Learn. He shared his experiences as a Jewish chaplain in the military to a rapt audience filled with many who have served our country. The community was very […]

Young, Jewish, and “ENGAJed”

ENGAJed surf group

How do you get busy young adults to embrace an active role in the Jewish community? The answer to the question in California’s Silicon Valley is a new type of young adult outreach program called ENGAJ. A collaboration between the Oshman Family JCC and Hillel at Stanford, ENGAJ sparks Jewish young professionals and graduate students […]

Little Picassos give seniors an arty treat


Budding young artists at the Aaron Family JCC showed off their wares in the latest twist of l’dor v’dor (from generation to generation). The J’s Senior Expo, allowed youngsters in the JCCs early childhood program to showcase their talents for hundreds of seniors, who attend programs run by the J’s senior department. The theme of […]

I have a little dreidel, I made it out of… marshmallow

Marshmallow Dreidel Recipe

These marshmallow dreidels are an easy, no-bake Hanukkah dessert that’s fun for the whole family. You may get a little messy, but there are plenty of fun ways to get the kids involved—or have some fun yourself, if there aren’t any around—and put your own spin on a Hanukkah treat. Ingredients Wax paper Marshmallows Hershey […]

So what’s new? Innovation Lab: Jerusalem, of course

Innovation Lab: Jerusalem 2015 group photo

Fifty-three JCC executives directors, lay leaders and rising stars from 23 JCCs took part in JCC Association’s first Innovation Lab: Jerusalem, a dynamic platform designed to inspire and inform Jewish Community Centers to take on our most urgent questions: How might we shape a creative, relevant and engaging Jewish future? How might we refresh and […]

Giving thanks with the Guthrie family—JCC and JWB-style


Happy Thanksgiving from Sounding Board! We have so much to be thankful for in the world of JCCs. JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest have just announced the 109 delegations traveling to Columbus, St. Louis and Stamford this summer. Nineteen are newly re-engaged after taking some time off. Our Sheva Center for Excellence in Early Childhood […]

Parashat Vayishlach (Genesis 32:4-36:43)

“Esau said, ‘I have plenty. Let what you have remain yours.’” (Genesis 33:9) This week’s perspective on the weekly parasha is dedicated to the memory of Shmuel Benalal, z”l, a Jewish educator instrumental in the establishment of the Mandel Center for Jewish Education, who was killed in the Mali hotel attack. Yehi Zichro Baruch. May […]

Groomed for Success: Focusing on Talent in the JCC Field


By Joy Brand-Richardson Of the last 14 open executive director positions at Jewish Community Centers, nine were filled by current JCC staff, either an assistant executive director moving up in his or her own organization, or by one moving from another JCC, or an executive in a JCC in one city moving to another. That […]

Terror doesn’t discriminate


Evil reached us today—Israelis, American Jewish citizens and an innocent Palestinian, all victims of terror attacks. It began when two Israelis were murdered, stabbed in an attack in southern Tel Aviv just outside a synagogue. The terrorist responsible was in Israel legally, working for a nearby restaurant. And shortly after this attack, another terrorist killed […]

Parashat Vayeitzei (Genesis 28:10-32:3)

“Shaken, he said, ’How awesome is this place! This is none other than the abode of God and this is the gate of the heavens.’” (Genesis 28:17) Parashat Vayetzei describes Jacob’s flight from Canaan to Haran to escape Esau’s anger. His uncle Lavan tricks him into working fourteen years to marry his two daughters, Leah […]

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