Parashat Miketz (Genesis 41:1 – 44:17)

“Joseph answered Pharoah, saying, “That is beyond me; it is God who will respond with Pharoah’s welfare.” (Genesis 41:16) Genesis is a book filled with dreams. Almost everybody important dreams: Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph all dream. “Supporting actors” dream, too: Avimelech, king of Gerar, Lavan, and two of Pharoah’s servants. So when Parashat Miketz opens […]

Shining Light—Right Now!


There are people in the world espousing views of utter darkness. Where you might light a candle—or eight candles—to help a stranger find his or her way at sundown, others would snuff out the flame, preferring neighbors to stumble in the dark. Some of those people already have power and seek to expand it; some feel so powerless […]

You’re gonna flip for this “Latke Recipe”


Just in time for the Festival of Lights, the Maccabeats—the a cappella group that gave birth to the viral Hanukkah song parody phenomenon—has issued a new seasonal treat: “Latke Recipe” sung to the tune of Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.” Shout out to Ari Lewis, marketing director for the YM & YWHA of […]

Picture this!


Southern salute to those who serve It was an honor for the Jewish Educational Alliance in Savannah, Georgia to present Capt. Rabbi David Gingold, as featured speaker at their Jewish Federation Lunch ‘n Learn. He shared his experiences as a Jewish chaplain in the military to a rapt audience filled with many who have served […]

Parashat Vayeishev (Genesis 37:1-40:23)

“They took Joseph’s tunic, slaughtered a goatling, and dipped the tunic in the blood.”  (Genesis 37:31) Parashat Vayeishev describes a messy family.  Joseph talks smack about his brothers to their father (Gen. 37:2) who favors him over the other boys (Gen. 37:3, 4).  Conventional wisdom blames the brothers selling Joseph into slavery because of their […]

6 Second Hebrew: Holiday, Candle, Potato


Js score big with Jr. NBA


A new partnership between JCC Association and Jr. NBA aims to raise their game, providing access to resources, training, as well as challenges and tournaments. Not to mention the Jr. NBA name. “This allows JCCs to use the Jr. NBA name with their youth basketball program,” says Steve Becker, JCC Association vice president, health and […]

Share your sweaty snapshots

Cycle For Good 2015

We want to see your effort when Cycle for Good spins into action on Dec. 13, the seventh day of Hanukkah. So don’t forget to take plenty of pics and videos, and be sure to share them with us. You can use the hashtag #JsCycle4Good. We’ll be re-posting our favorites on social media and using […]

Young, Jewish, and “ENGAJed”

ENGAJed surf group

How do you get busy young adults to embrace an active role in the Jewish community? The answer to the question in California’s Silicon Valley is a new type of young adult outreach program called ENGAJ. A collaboration between the Oshman Family JCC and Hillel at Stanford, ENGAJ sparks Jewish young professionals and graduate students […]

I have a little dreidel, I made it out of… marshmallow

Marshmallow Dreidel Recipe

These marshmallow dreidels are an easy, no-bake Hanukkah dessert that’s fun for the whole family. You may get a little messy, but there are plenty of fun ways to get the kids involved—or have some fun yourself, if there aren’t any around—and put your own spin on a Hanukkah treat. Ingredients Wax paper Marshmallows Hershey […]

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