And the winners are…


JCC Association recently announced its continental leadership awards, which will be presented at JCCs of North America Biennial. Paula L. Sidman, JCC Association’s organization’s immediate past board chair, and renowned sculptor, Richard Edelman, will each be honored with receiving Frank L. Weil Awards. Two stellar JCC Association professionals will also be honored at the Biennial. […]

10 hamantaschen recipes that will shock your tastebuds


On Purim, we dress up, play games and read from the Megillah to recount the story of Mordechai and his niece, Queen Esther, and their courage in the face of evil Haman. We cheer Mordechai and Esther, who saved the Jewish people from Haman’s plot to kill them. And we also eat hamantaschen, the three-cornered pastries meant […]

6 Second Hebrew: Thumb, Basketball, Television


Parashat Vayakhel-P’kudei (Exodus 35:1-40:38)

“The leaders brought the shoham stones and the stones for the settings for the ephod and the breastplate.” (Exodus 35:27) Last week, Moses explains to God why it would be a mistake to destroy the Israelites. This week God returns the favor by explaining to Moses why it would be a mistake e to refuse […]

Parashat Ki Tisa (Exodus 30:11-34:35)

“God said, “My Presence will go with you and I will accede to your request.” (Exodus 33:14) God is a slow learner. Fortunately, Moses is an excellent teacher who does some significant “managing up” this week. In Parashat Ki Tisa the Israelites lose faith during Moses’ absence up on Mt. Sinai and worship the Golden […]

Rebels with a cause


We still have teenagers on the mind here at Sounding Board. First there were the recent sad exits of Liz Swados and David Bowie—iconic voices of teen power. Then there is continuing preparation from the JCC Maccabi Games® and ArtsFest® 2016, as well as our planning to confirm fantastic host communities for 2017 shortly. And […]

Parashat T’tzaveh (Exodus 27:30-30:10)

“And you shall take two onyx stones and engrave on them the names of the Children of Israel.” (Exodus 28:9) When Shakespeare has Polonius advise his son Laertes, “Clothes make the man, “(Hamlet, 1:3), he contradicts Rabbi Meir’s dictum, “Don’t look at the container, rather what is inside it.” (Pirkei Avot 4:27). We know we […]

A View from Jerusalem – February 2016


It is with great interest and curiosity that we in Israel follow the largest celebration of democracy as it is being expressed through the United States’ primary season. As the only democracy in the Middle East, we cherish democracy’s values, appreciate its essence and understand its challenges and, at time, its faults. Or, as Winston […]

Parashat T’rumah (Exodus 25:1-27:19)

“You shall place in the ark the testimonial tablets that I shall give you.” (Exodus 25:16) If you’ve ever assembled a piece of Ikea furniture you know that moment when you you’ve finished the job but then notice two screws still lying on the floor. It looks complete, but you’re left with a nagging feeling: […]

We are (JCC) family


Here at Sounding Board, we’re still thinking about the energy and togetherness of the JCC Association Executive Leadership Seminar. Nearly 80 executive directors of JCCs and affiliated camps came together for four days of conversations on topics ranging from creating a culture of security to the rollout of a dramatically expanded Sheva Center, our framework […]

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