JWB: Fostering Jewish life in post-war Germany


JWB Jewish Chaplains Council has been supporting Jews who serve our country since its founding in 1917. Providing chaplaincy and care packages, and other means to support Jewish life, JWB helps create Jewish community on military bases all over the world, where none may exist. Barbara and Davina Dubnick, who recently made their annual gifts […]

Twice the sweet (and spice) to start the year


“Grilled apples with sriracha honey,” suggested our colleague, Joanne Harmon, creative director here at JCC Association. “The spicy honey is very in.” So we have to give credit where it’s due. The notion of spicing up some sort of apple and honey dessert was hers. But, we were thinking more “plated and do ahead” rather […]

JCC Maccabi magic


From the start of the opening ceremonies to the final hugs and goodbyes at departure, the JCC Maccabi Games™ and ArtFest™ was a phenomenal experience for nearly 3,400 Jewish teenagers in three locations around the United States. They played hard; created works of art; challenged themselves; gave of themselves through JCC Cares, our social action […]

Recognizing outstanding achievement


Mandel, Weil and Heller award nominations due With JCCs of North America Biennial penciled into your datebook for May 15-18, 2016, it’s now time to start thinking about those who should be recognized during the event for outstanding contributions to the JCCs, Jewish life and the military. Nominations are open for the Morton L. Mandel […]

Man takes first steps in seven years with help of the J


by Laura Toussaint-Newkirk When Duane Washington visited Valley of the Sun JCC last fall, no one really expected he would take his first steps since a devastating car accident in 2007. But Duane has triumphed, one small step at a time. The near-fatal accident had ejected Duane, the son of Noel Washington, a longtime and […]

Briefly, Benchmarking


JCC Excellence: Benchmarking 2015 training has just concluded for JCCs participating in the biennial program. And for the first time, it includes a new governance component, which will allow JCCs to better understand the factors that help define effective boards and how to strengthen board impact. Benchmarking also collects data and tracks measurable indicators of […]

6 Second Hebrew: Apple, Honey, School


Making Room for Dissent


There is a reason as Jews that we like to laugh at the old saying, “two Jews, three opinions.” As a people and as individuals, we aren’t exactly timid about voicing our views. Jewish culture thrives on a good argument. Love of dissent and dialogue is what makes Talmudic tradition—built on give and take and back and forth—so strong. It is probably embedded deeply in our DNA.

Recognizing & Receiving


The JCC Association Graduate Scholarship Program has a profound impact on everyone involved. The privilege of finding talent Cheryl Fishbein If I have learned one thing from chairing the scholarship committee at JCC Association, it would be that we have some tremendously talented, dedicated and creative people working in the JCC Movement. And if I’ve […]

Parashat Ki Teitzei (Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19)

“You shall make tassels on the four corners of the garment with which you cover yourself.” (Deuteronomy 22:12) Parashat Ki Teitzei includes a long list of seemingly unrelated laws: war brides, rebellious sons, honoring the dead, gender-based clothing, home security, forbidden mixtures of fabrics and seeds, tassels, interest rates, escaped slaves, and more. Rabbi Michael […]

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