Parashat Emor (Leviticus 21:1-24:23)

“So Moses declared to the Israelites the set times of the Lord.” (Leviticus 23:44) Parashat Emor addresses issues of k’dusha, or sanctity. It focusses first on the priests (sanctified people) and then moves to Shabbat and the holidays (sanctified time). Emor describes Shabbat as a mo-ed, a fixed time, and as a mikra kodesh, a […]

JCC Association pursues change, as new vice president is brought on board


Wendy Seligson, who helped steer the 14th Street Y of the Educational Alliance in New York, during a period of rapid expansion, has been hired as executive vice president for strategy and operations of JCC Association. Seligson, who has served as associate executive director of the 14th Street Y since 2007, worked closely with Dr. […]

Teen engagement initiative receives start-up funding


JCC Association to partner with the Marks JCH of Bensonhurst What happens when you combine Russian-speaking teens, a focus on arts and technology and the exploration of Jewish identity? You come up with ARTEL, a collaboration between JCC Association and the Edith and Carl Marks Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst. This innovative, year-long program, which […]

Gettin’ your grill on


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the outdoor cooking season. Whether you’re tailgating, competing or just eating, people are passionate about their barbecue, and there’s regional styles – and rivalry – galore. But generally you can divide your cooking into slow-cooked barbecue over indirect heat, or grilling and the accompanying char that goes […]

Dairy does it for Shavuot


Coinciding with Memorial Day this year is Shavuot, the holiday that celebrates when the Israelites, having escaped Egypt, received the law from God. One of the traditions associated with holiday is that we eat dairy foods. There is no stipulation in Jewish law that we do so – some think it comes from the notion […]

6 Second Hebrew: Flower, Horse, Guitar


Words to get you excited for summer!

A whole new

dotmehomepage, JCC Association’s intranet and resource sharing website for JCC professionals, re-launched recently with a brand new design and improved features. The improvements came in three core areas: speed, search and design, and were based on feedback from users. The most notable change to the website is the design. The new design not only was […]

AIRing their views


JCC Maccabi ArtsFest™ Artists in Residence share their takeaway Every year JCC Maccabi ArtsFest teen participants work with professional Artists in Residence (AIRs) in their chosen arts specialty. JCC Association works very closely with each host community to identify and select the right combination of new and returning AIRs to maximize the experience. “Curating the […]

And now…a word from our new shlichah


Michal Heskelovich Last summer, I thought I was all set. I was going to be working as camp director at Camp Kimama, the first international Jewish summer camp in Israel. Educators and shlichim, or emissaries, like me, who had worked in Jewish camps in the United States, created it 10 years ago, looking for an […]

Parashat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim (Leviticus 16:1-20:27)

“You shall not render an unfair decision: do not favor the poor or show deference to the rich; judge your kinsman fairly.” (Leviticus 19:15) We read two parashot (portions) this week because of how the Jewish calendar is calculated. Months are determined by the moon’s cycle, but the year is determined by the sun’s. Therefore, […]

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