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Created in 2011 in France by Eric Vandendriessche, AQUA STAND UP® USA is the New Aquatic Training Program choreographed to music inspired by Stand Up Paddle Boarding easy to set up in your swim center.

5870 W Olympic Blvd
90036 Los Angeles

Eric Vandendriessche 424-248-7601
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Lenny Krayzelburg 424-248-7601
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Created in 2011 in France by Eric Vandendriessche, AQUA STAND UP® USA is the New Aquatic Training Program choreographed to music inspired by Stand Up Paddle Boarding easy to set up in your swim center. AQUA STAND UP® USA is a combination of different fitness technics like HIIT, Pilates, Yoga and muscular conditioning. Already present in Europe and USA, AQUA STAND UP® USA has been subject to several TV reports and Press articles.

AQUA STAND UP® USA Program is safe, fun, accessible to everyone regardless of age and very efficient. The AQUA STAND UP® BOARD is very stable and there’s no need to be an expert to stand up on it ! Everybody can do it very easily. Our Training Course will teach instructors to master keys of the successful set up for best results.

AQUA STAND UP® USA is a small group Training Program (up to 15-plus participants) with a high Return On Investment and a high level of consumer loyalty. Important part of the Program will be instructors ability to structure classes based on the skills and capabilities of participants. AQUA STAND UP® USA provides complete solution to assist facilities to develop this amazing activity.

AQUA STAND UP® USA is a recognized CECs Provider.



Eric Vandendriessche, French Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for 17 years, is the Founder and Co-CEO of CREATIVE FITNESS COMPANY which develops AQUA STAND UP® in USA. Thanks to his experience, Eric Vandendriessche is the developer, choreographer and Master Trainer of the Training Program already practiced by several American customers in different States.
Lenny Krayzelburg, a Partner of CREATIVE FITNESS COMPANY is a four-time Olympic gold medalist, successful entrepreneur and executive. He is the Founder and CEO of Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy,a national provider of swim lessons and currently serves as Treasurer of the Michael Phelps Foundation. During his time in swimming, Lenny Krayzelburg was Captain of the 2004 US Olympic Swim Team, won gold medals at the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games and held five backstroke world records. He is also a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and USC Sports Hall of Fame.











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