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Four Winds Interactive

Facility-wide digital signage.

3012 Huron Street
Denver, CO 80202

Michael Mangi
Email Michael | Phone: (720) 389-3665
Eric Woody
Email Eric | Phone: (720) 440-1034

Four Winds Interactive provides a facility-wide means to communicate the right information, to the right patron, at the right time, via an easy to manage digital signage network. Modernize your center and engage your visitors in a fun and efficient manner; displaying pertinent dynamic content and/or videos, even allowing interaction through touch technology.

JCC services are competing with various outside facilities, from health clubs to daycare centers. We have become a culture of instant information, and best practices demand a current visual communication strategy that appeals to all generations.

Easily create digital signs that can display up to the minute information for class schedules, theater programs, donor information, classroom changes, emergency messaging, and so much more! Take advantage of our huge library of pre-designed templates and applications, that allow you to quickly create customized signs your members will love. You can publish with a simple drag and drop.


  • Inform membership of events, classes, initiatives and promote/ brand the JCC
  • Recognize staff achievements via Shabbat-o-grams
  • Help foster a sense of community with targeted messaging, pictures, and videos
  • Update schedule and event changes in real time
  • Provide staff bios to enhance communication with members
  • Recognize donors, their gifts, and their background stories


  • Aid in future fundraising drives
  • Incorporate social media via integration with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook et al.
  • Keep abreast of the current events with news/sports/pop culture/stock informational crawls
  • Alert visitors to emergencies with specific instructions for evacuation, shelter in place, etc.
  • Display interactive maps with wayfinding to help visitors navigate your facility
  • Utilize tablets for meeting room signs, description of events, and even naming honorariums


  • Have fun with trivia or other contests
  • Create advertising revenues via sponsored messaging
  • Update league standings and replay event photo montages or video clips
  • Encourage youth group participation for content creation
  • Brighten the interiors of a building through visuals and holiday displays
  • Create a tool for boardroom and meeting presentations

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