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FST Biometrics

Provides JCCs with ultimate control over who enters their premises, without affecting the pace of activity.

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Beth Calabrese

Biometric Identification: Secure Access without Effecting the Pace of Community Life

FST Biometrics provides JCCs with ultimate control over who enters their buildings, without affecting the pace of activity or the service you provide the community. Our biometric identification solution identifies every person who walks through the JCC doors so that reception staff know exactly who is a member, who is a regular and who needs to be stopped for further questioning.

With FST Biometrics, JCCs can provide great individualized service to their members and guests without compromising on security.

What is FST?

FST-BiometricsFST Biometrics’ provides advanced biometrics-based identification technology for a seamless secure access experience. Our In Motion Identification™ (IMID) solution utilizes facial recognition and behavioral analytics to swiftly identify those with access authorization, while preventing entry of unauthorized visitors. FST’s solutions use the biometric characteristics of users to identify people by who they are, rather than what they are carrying.

IMID automates the check-in process, freeing up time for front desk and membership staff to engage with the community and upsell additional services to those engaged.

IMID is currently being used by several Jewish organizations and private clubs for their security needs.

Want to learn more about FST and our IMID solution? Fill out your information and download the FST Application Summary:

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