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Graduate Scholars

The JCC Movement is a great place to build a career for people who really like people

JCCs welcome into their doors the full diversity of the North American population. Infants to the frail elderly and everyone in between receives services at the JCC, so Jewish Community Centers need staff members from a wide variety of fields, from personal trainers to early-childhood educators to financial professionals. JCCs are large, complicated organizations that demand highly skilled professional management, and they are eager to help good people succeed.

The JCC Association Graduate Scholarship Program provides financial aid for students to use towards a master’s degree that will lead to or enhance professional careers in the Jewish Community Center movement.

The scholarship programs purposes are three fold:

1. Through a competitive selection process, identify those with potential to be future stars in the JCC movement and invest money in their education.

2. Through JCC internship/placement, contact with JCC Association staff, and professional development opportunities, prepare scholars for what to expect during professional commitment period.

3. Provide JCCs with entry to mid level professionals, armed with an advanced degree, a developed understanding of the JCC movement, and a commitment to the JCC.

Employment in JCCs is meaningful, exciting, and challenging work, and with the potential for professional advancement, and a rewarding lifetime career.

Tuition Assistance

The JCC Association Graduate Scholars Tuition Assistance Program is offered to current full-time JCC employees pursuing graduate studies part-time. They can apply for tuition assistance for up to a two year period . The amount of tuition assistance granted is based on the recipient’s full-time JCC salary and can be as much as $2,000 per school year. While in school, tuition assistance recipients must continue to work full time in the JCC Movement in order to receive their award.


Joy Brand-Richardson

Provides support and career coaching to all JCC professionals and people seeking employment in JCCs. Creates and coordinates professional development opportunities to enrich the skills of JCC staff through webinars, regional and continental conferences, and workshops. Director of the JCC Professional Conference and the Graduate Scholarship Program. Co-creator of the JCC Association Talent Management program, a new signature program focusing on the growth and advancement of JCC Professionals.

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