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Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership & Management

Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership & Management

JCC Benchmarking
Strategic Thinking

The Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership & Management helps tie the mission of the JCC to the business of the JCC. Through coordinated training, Benchmarking tools, and in-person consultation, we help JCCs address issues before they become problems, and offer policy guidance and operational support so that JCCs can set key goals based on data­—and reach them.


David E. Posner

Provides primary consultation services to JCCs. Directs all aspects of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership & Management related to organizational excellence, and provides assistance to JCCs in strategic thinking and planning. Oversees the activities of JWB Jewish Chaplains Council. Develops Biennial and Professional Conference content, and serves as JCC Association liaison to continental groups on security matters.

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Andrew C. Paller

Develops and coordinates JCC Excellence: The Benchmarking Project. Presents reports and consults with JCCs based on an analysis of the data and findings gathered through the Benchmarking Project.

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Michael Rowland

Provides support and consultation to JCCs in all areas of marketing.

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Yuliya Mazur

Responsible for the identification, collection, organization and dissemination of informational resources for JCC Association. Analyzes and presents data related to critical issues facing JCCs. Leads organization of Facilitates JCC Excellence: Benchmarking Project survey and report distribution.

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