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Registration Rates

Convention registration fee includes: all keynotes and learning sessions, including off-site events at Graceland hosted by the Memphis JCC and the visit to the National Civil Rights Museum.

Also included are: receptions, refreshment breaks, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. All meals take place at the Memphis Cook Convention Center unless otherwise indicated. All meals are kosher.

Registered spouses/partners are invited to participate in all convention events including Graceland and National Civil Rights Museum.

Early Bird registration has closed.

US & Canadian Delegate $795
Delegate Spouse/Partner $450
ELR Emerging JCC Leader Delegates $795
Overseas Delegate $750
Host Community Delegate $695
Host Community Spouse (Affiliated with Memphis JCC) $450
Additional JCC Staff $550
Merrin Fellows $795
JWB Jewish Chaplains Council $795
Graduate Scholars $795
Day Pass* $300
Day Pass (Local)* $250
Shabbat Program/Meals (opt-in)** $250

*  Day passes can be purchased for Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Each day pass also includes entry to the Sunday night event hosted by the Memphis JCC. Each day pass includes all meals and receptions that take place at the hotel on that day.

** Shabbat program includes Shabbat dinner Friday night, three meals on Saturday, and Shabbat programs

The Biennial is much more than just a trip…it is a chance to invest in your Jewish self and your own leadership ability.

Early Bird Pricing: Register by Jan. 15 to take advantage of early bird pricing, which provides significant savings.

Bring as many delegates as you can to discount your executive director’s registration fee.
Choose one of the following:

a) Bring a delegation of eight (8) full paying delegates and your executive director’s registration fee will be discounted to $550.


b) Increase the size of your 2016 delegation by at least two full-paid registrations for 2018 and your executive director’s registration fee will be discounted to $550.The above counts may not include any discounted registrants such as additional staff, spouses, and single day attendees. JCCs may not take both options to receive an additional discount. The discount will be rebated to the JCC following the Biennial.

Hotel Room Rates: Hotel room rate includes a $20.00 rebate to JCC Association to help cover the cost of speakers and programs.

Potential Tax Deductions Related to Your Participation at Biennial

Travel for a non-profit organization may be deductible if there is no element of personal pleasure, recreation, or vacation involved. The purpose of the travel must be to perform a service on behalf of the organization.

If you decide that your travel meets this criteria, the actual costs associated with the charitable activity would be deductible.

The convention registration fee is only deductible to the extent that the amount paid exceeds the value of anything you received in exchange. Many of our on-site meals are “working meals” for attendees.

We suggest that volunteers talk to a tax professional, use a tax preparation software program, read IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions, or read a good primer on tax deductions, such as Easy Ways to Lower Your Taxes, by Stephen Fishman (Nolo).

Biennial 2018 Cancellation Policy

Our policy on refunding your registration fee is based on the costs incurred. Refunds on registration fees will be made if submitted in writing via email to JCC Association’s Biennial registrar.
Cancellations will include the following administrative fees:
$75 if cancelled by Monday, February 19, 2018
$100 if cancelled by Monday, March 26, 2018
$150 if cancelled by Monday, April 16, 2018
$250 if cancelled by Monday April 23, 2018

Cancellations after April 23, 2018 will not be refunded.

In addition, the hotel room reservation is subject to what the hotel calls a “pick-up penalty” cancellation fee, and is on a sliding scale based on the date and time of cancellation. Because this is a convention booking, JCC Association is assessed the fee, not the guest. If we are able to fill the room, we will not be penalized. If we are not able to fill the room, we will be penalized for your cancellation. In that case, we will retain a maximum of one night’s room fee, which we will be charged for your last minute cancellation.

Cancellation fee will be in US dollars for delegates. All refunds for cancellations after  Friday, April 20, 2018 will be processed after the Biennial.

For questions or information about Biennial registration please contact Dina Yakar at or 212-786-5152.