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Arts Professionals Meeting at JCC Association Offices

Right after the close of the APAP conference (Association of Performing Arts Presenters), in New York City on January 15, more than forty JCC arts and culture professionals will gather at JCC Association’s midtown offices to meet each other, discuss shared interests, and brainstorm about their upcoming programs and seasons.

After a working lunch and time to schmooze, keynote presenter Lenore Naxon of the JCC of San Francisco will discuss collaborative program models, and best practices for forming partnerships with local and national arts organizations. Breakout sessions will tackle sharing and touring visual art exhibits, value programming through trends , techniques and challenges for measuring success, and the role of arts and culture in the Jewish Journey.

JCC Association Arts & Culture Consultant Randy Ellen Lutterman, who organized the event, said, “We are so excited to be facilitating this gathering of JCC arts professionals.  Our goal is to create a saturated and focused day of learning and sharing that will fuel this group of experts as they return to their JCC communities to continue to do their amazing work.”
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