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Posts by Shira Lupiansky Hasson

Celebrating Fitness …and Fun

In honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness day, celebrated last month, and a welcome return to routine after a holiday laden October, I want to share information about one of the more fabulously fun events that takes place annually in Tel Aviv each fall. The 10K Tel Aviv Night Run has become a favorite … Continued

D’ash – Sanctifying Public Space

Sanctifying Public Space There are many blessings to living in Israel that, often in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day survival, even we take for granted. Living in the Holy Land is a treasure trove of questions, complexities, and opportunities. Jerusalem, in particular, makes international headlines often, albeit, not always for reasons you might wish—politics, … Continued

Mekudeshet – D’ash

Dásh – August 2018 Mekudeshet: The summer season in Israel is often characterized by a dissonance between the solemn days of the Jewish calendar (during the three weeks before Tisha B’Av) and the splash and fun of day camps, vacation, and the constant (and exhausting!) pursuit of entertainment for our kids. Now that we have … Continued

D’ash – The Power Of Song

As Israel celebrated its 70th birthday last week, and continues to mark the landmark occasion of its eighth decade of statehood, there are no shortage of programs, documentaries, and l opportunities to sit back, reflect on our many accomplishments, and engage in soul-searching about what the future holds for this work in progress that is … Continued

Dash- Environment as a space for unity

Dash- Environment as a space for unity In a world where seemingly every topic of conversation has the potential to sow division, it has become increasingly challenging to engage and find common ground that unifies all those seated around the weekly Shabbat table. One of the areas that highlights our common human interests is the … Continued

D’ash – Inclusion

Shira is JCCA Boarding Pass Associate working to bring JCC communities to Israel and Israel to JCC communities. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and three children. Israel has always been for me the first place I remember feeling that I belong. The language was the one I heard growing up, the religion was … Continued

D’ash (Regards)

We are thrilled to share the launch of our new bi-monthly newsletter—D’ash(Regards) with friends who have participated in our various seminars, and Israel trips through your JCC. While you were in Israel,  you were able to connect to our homeland, our people, and our culture. We want to keep that connection going and keep it … Continued