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Posts by Leah Garber

In the aftermath of Israeli elections

On my way to a family holiday abroad, I was forced to handle some flight delays that apparently can’t be avoided. Standing by the airline counter along with other frustrated passengers from across the world, I was approached by one of them who asked me where we were from. As soon as she heard we … Continued

שבת שלום ~ Shabbat Shalom 22 Av, 5779

The following is a Shabbat Shalom guest post from Leah Garber, JCC Association Vice President, Israel Engagement. A Hero’s Story In February 1984, during the cold and windy winter of Holland, Pennsylvania, a legend was born. In August 2006, the man who became this legend was killed. Michael Levin, the grandson of Holocaust survivors, made … Continued

Festival Times

Last week the Jewish world celebrated Shavuot, Chag Matan Torah, the Jewish holiday celebrating the receiving of the Torah highlights recent changes in Israel’s pluralistic climate. We see more and more ways that we can break the glass ceiling through Jewish studies, making them open and accessible to all. After a rich, decadent meal of … Continued

Twelve torches of Israel

Tonight, the Jewish people will pause for a moment of silence. Sirens will wail across the Israel like a single cry carried in the wind. A nation will bow its head, whispering a prayer for peace, with deep gratitude for those who made the ultimate sacrifices. 27,904 men and women, our sisters and brothers, our … Continued

Reaching the moon and beyond…

Reaching the moon and beyond…  Tomorrow night the Jewish people will gather around festive Pesach Seder tables and recite from the Haggadah: “In every generation, a person is obligated to see himself as if he had left Egypt.” Pesach, known as the celebration of our freedom, marks the redemption of the Israelites after hundreds of … Continued

From Sorrow to Joy

“The month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, and from mourning into a good day.” As the Jewish world prepares for Purim’s festivities and joy, I want to recognize that 107 years ago today, Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, was founded. Henrietta Szold, Hadassah’s founder, was an American Jewish Zionist. … Continued

The honey and the sting – על הדבש ועל העקץ

The honey and the sting – על הדבש ועל העקץ All of us in Israel were excited to see the Shalva Band do so well on “Rising Star,” Israel’s televised talent show that recognizes outstanding performances, complete with judges, audience voting, and lots of hopes and dreams. The Shalva Band, made up of excellent musicians, … Continued

Safra and Saifa- The Book and the Sword

Safra and Saifa– The Book and the Sword  This past Shabbat two Israeli icons left this world leaving behind their legacy, devotion and spirit to guide us through times ahead. As the sun set, and candles across the country burned with Shabbat’s holiness, their brightness carried Amos Oz’s soul through its final journey. The State … Continued

Together – Marching with World Jewry

Together – Marching with World Jewry Today the Jewish world marks Hanukkah’s first day, a holiday celebrating Jewish rebellion and resilience, determination and triumph of spirit. The story of the Maccabees takes us back to the year 164 B.C.E when the Maccabean rededicated the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the revolt against … Continued