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Celebrating Fitness …and Fun

In honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness day, celebrated last month, and a welcome…

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D'ash - Sanctifying Public Space

Sanctifying Public Space There are many blessings to living in Israel that, often in the…

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Mekudeshet - D'ash

Dásh – August 2018 Mekudeshet: The summer season in Israel is often characterized by a…

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D'ash - The Power Of Song

As Israel celebrated its 70th birthday last week, and continues to mark the landmark occasion…

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Dash- Environment as a space for unity

Dash- Environment as a space for unity In a world where seemingly every topic of…

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D'ash - Inclusion

Shira is JCCA Boarding Pass Associate working to bring JCC communities to Israel and Israel…

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D'ash (Regards)

We are thrilled to share the launch of our new bi-monthly newsletter—D’ash(Regards) with friends who…

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