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The Chinese food heard ‘round the world

In early February, the JCC of Greater Baltimore shared a humorous graphic about the Chinese New Year on the marketing listserv that JCC Association hosts. Created by Emily Karsh, the JCC’s graphic designer, the image hit the funny bone with a play on Jews and their legendary love of Chinese food.

We posted it to our JCCs of North America Facebook page, thinking it was a fun piece of content that JCCs might want to share or adapt.

To say we were surprised by the reaction to it doesn’t go far enough.

The post had more than 55,200 views and was shared 440 times. But that was just from our Facebook page. What left us gob-smacked was that the Savannah Jewish Educational Alliance also posted it. The result? More than 121,000 shares and 14 million-plus views. Their Facebook page netted an extra 2,692 likes in the process.

Several other JCCs, including the Oshman Family JCC of Palo Alto and the Lawrence Family JCC of San Diego shared the post, also with skyrocketing results.

Chris Strom, JCC Association’s digital marketing director, says that creating viral content is really a crapshoot. “The odds you’ll have a post that goes viral are slim to none. That being said, there are replicable components and characteristics of viral content.”

And to help JCCs do a better job of creating more hits than misses, he put together a video chat later in February to create groups that could collaborate on future social media content to share with all the JCCs in the movement.

Meanwhile, you have to be in it to win it, as they say, so like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter today!

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