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Discover @ the JCC Partners with JGDC to Combat Genetic Diseases

[email protected], JCC Association’s holistic wellness initiative, has partnered with the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium (JGDC) to provide important information to couples and families dealing with genetic disorders.  Randy Gold, the 2011 JFNA Communal Hero, a native of Charleston, South Carolina, has been struggling with his daughter Eden’s diagnosis of ML4, one of the 19 testable Jewish genetic diseases. He and his wife still have many connections in Charleston, and they brought their story to the Charleston JCC.  The JCC  reached out to the JGDC and worked with Shari Ungerleider, the Project Coordinator for the JGDC. Ungerleider lost her first child to Tay Sachs disease. Randy Glaser, a mother of two children with ML4 and chair of the JGDC, also helped to craft a program for the JCC.  Randy Gold appeared on a panel with JGDC representatives, a local medical geneticist, and a pediatrician. The evening was moderated by a local obstetrician. JGDC also conducted a COUPLES AWARE program  for rabbis the next day “The program was well received by our community and we have been handing out our brochures left and right,” said Tamar Sternfeld, program director at the JCC,  “encouraging people to come to our community screening, which will take place later  this spring.” To learn more about [email protected], contact Steve Becker, [email protected].
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