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Deadlines and registrations, and you’re going to want to hit them all. Here’s an easy guide to what’s coming up with direct links to get you there.

Biennial or bust

You are not going to want to miss JCCs of North America Biennial. And to make sure you’re there in Baltimore with the best of the JCC Movement, register today!

If you want to improve your leadership abilities, learn from vanguards in the field, hear what’s cutting edge at JCCs and in the Jewish communal world, and develop stronger ties to others committed to their JCC and the movement, you need to attend.

There’s nothing quite like it.

Check out videos of Biennials past and you’ll get some of the flavor and fun of what it’s like to be in the center of it all. But, nothing is a substitute for being there.

It’s like the Academy Awards! For JCCs

Part of the Biennial experience is recognizing achievement. During the Biennial, five leadership awards will be presented recognizing outstanding contributions to the JCC Movement: The Morton L. Mandel Jewish Educational Leadership Award; and the Florence G. Heller Professional Award. As well, three Frank L. Weill Awards will be given to recognize distinguished contributions to the Jewish community center field, the armed services field, and the advancement of Jewish culture.

It’s pretty inspiring stuff for all of those who have ever agreed to sit on a board of directors or volunteered their time, and to every professional who dedicated a career to the Jewish people.

What does it take to qualify? Read more and nominate someone incredible today.

There are excellence awards, too

Biennial is also the place to honor outstanding programming and operational innovations at JCCs through JCCs of North America Excellence Awards. Outstanding submissions will be recognized and JCCs that win will take home certificates.

Have something you think makes the cut? Read the criteria and submit here.


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