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Getting creative in the holy land

Imagine a trip to Israel, but viewing the country through the lens of its arts and culture, with the professionals who take charge of those areas in JCCs.

Now, imagine that you’re going. And that all your ground costs are covered.

You can stop imagining. Register instead.

JCC Association, in partnership with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has put together a first-ever, unique trip for arts and culture professionals at JCCs. The ministry will generously cover all land cost for the first 25 arts and culture professionals who register. Airfare and some incidentals are the responsibility of participants.

The trip takes place from Nov. 10-17; registration is open now and must be completed by July 15. Only one professional per JCC is eligible for the subsidy, although others from the same J may register, space permitting.

“We’re really thrilled that Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is providing such generous funding to JCC professionals,” says Randy Ellen Lutterman, JCC Association’s vice president, arts and culture. “They understand what valuable insight JCCs will gain on such an amazing visit, and that it will enable their staff to bring Israel back to the J in an imaginative and deeply informed way, enriching their arts and culture offerings for their communities.”

JCC staff will visit Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and have an opportunity to meet with cutting edge artists, writers and performers. They will also experience Israel’s International Music Showcase Festival, which features top Israeli musicians. Last year, the eight-day festival attracted more than 7,000 people to hear the best in jazz, world music, rock, and indie sounds.

According to Leah Garber, JCC Association’s vice president and director of the JCC Israel Center, putting together the trip took two years of hard work with Israel’s Foreign Ministry to provide JCC staff with an opportunity to “acquire ideas, resources and to network, which will enable a more richer and vibrant Israel engagement through the beautiful world of art and culture.”

“Art has the power to build community, bridges gaps, connect and foster a common language,” says Garber. “We’re extremely proud to be offering this first-of-its kind Israel seminar for arts and culture professionals. They’ll be able to deepen connections to Israel through the prism of arts, culture and ideas.”

Lutterman is hoping that the land cost subsidy will mean “a trip filled with hungry arts and culture professionals. This opportunity will surely lead to an enhancement of what they are doing to engage their communities through cultural and arts programing at their JCCs.”

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