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Israeli Summer Shlichim in Training

JCC Association staff is in Israel this week, participating in the training of hundreds of young Israelis who will be coming to JCC camps this summer. Israeli shlichim are part of almost all JCC resident camps and more than three-quarters of JCC day camps. These young men and women bring contemporary Israel to North American camps, forging connections with children and adults. They introduce Hebrew, Israeli arts, music, dance, and more to the camp curriculum, and deepen the Jewish ambience of JCC camps. As a recent study showed, JCC day camps provide a great deal of informal Jewish enrichment to campers, and Israeli shlichim are part of that.

Most summer shlichim have just completed their military service. They are eager to learn about North American life, and many travel around the U.S. or Canada after the camp season ends. Day camp shlichim live with host families, which gives them an opportunity to learn even more about North American Jewish life. For more information about JCC summer shlichim, contact Amy Grassel,  [email protected].

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