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JCC Association Joins National Go4Life® Campaign

JCC Association has joined the National Institute on Aging (NIA) in Go4Life, a new national exercise and physical activity campaign for people age 50+. The goal of Go4Life is to provide resources to older adults that they can use to incorporate exercise and physical activity into their everyday lives. This federal campaign is based on research showing that exercise and physical activity can help people stay healthy and independent, and prevent some of the chronic conditions associated with aging.

“We are very excited about the Go4Life campaign and proud to join the NIA,” said Arnie Sohinki, senior VP at JCC Association. “It’s a perfect fit for our Discover @ the JCC initiative, which is dedicated to making JCCs the wellness leaders in their communities.”

“You’re never too old to exercise,” says Richard J. Hodes, M.D., director of the NIA. “Go4Life is based on a number of studies demonstrating the benefits of exercise and physical activity for older people, including those with chronic health conditions. This new campaign reaches out to older people who traditionally have not embraced exercise and shows them how to start exercising safely and keep going.”  Almost all JCCs throughout North America provide a variety of physical activities for the over-50 population to help them stay independent and healthy. Dr. Hodes himself works out at the JCC of Greater Washington in Rockville, Maryland.

The center of Go4Life is an interactive website——which provides information for individuals, families and friends, organizations, and health care professionals. It features exercises, success stories, incentives, and free materials to motivate the growing numbers of older people to start exercising, and keep exercising to improve their health and achieve a better quality of life.

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