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JCCs Travel to Israel with Boarding Pass

The Mandell JCC from Hartford, Connecticut is just one of many JCCs that is sending groups of travelers to Israel through JCC Association’s Boarding Pass travel program. Each group’s itinerary is specifically designed by the staff at our Israel office to focus on the group’s interests. There are wine and food trips, tours for art lovers, family trips, and tours that focus on specific parts of the country.

The JCC Association office in Jerusalem also plans seminars for JCC staff groups, board members, and executives.

A group of JCC Association staff members just returned from a staff seminar in Israel, also planned by the Israel office. The group explored the beauty of the Negev and visited development towns in the South. They stayed in Jerusalem for several days, exploring the concept of holy space as well as visiting essential institutions such as Yad Vashem and the Israel Museum. In Tel Aviv, the group focused on social justice, exploring a variety of Israeli programs to bridge the gap between Israelis and foreign workers, residents of the center and periphery, and services to the disabled.

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