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Connecting the dots between the Games, ArtsFest and Israel

The JCC Movement inspires Jewish identity in thousands of teens each year, reaching them through the things they love to do: sports, arts, and travel. #WeAreJCCMaccabi is a new social media campaign created to unite the JCC Maccabi™ community, allowing teens to choose how they express what it means to be part of this unique citizenry.

And it will be used for the first time this summer when the Games and ArtsFest get underway at the David Posnack JCC in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Aaron Family JCC in Dallas, Texas, and at the Harry and Rose Samson Family JCC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The cheer “We are JCC Maccabi” taps into Jewish values, rallies for modern sports, showcases contemporary arts, explores Israel, and mirrors the diverse faces of contemporary Judaism. It applies to athletes, artists, alumni, supporters, and anyone who has been touched by the JCC Maccabi™ experience.

“#WeAreJCCMaccabi is about capturing that immediate, spontaneous expression that is created by experiencing the Games, ArtsFest and Israel,” says Joanne Harmon, JCC Association’s creative director. “We want to stay connected to that feeling, to each other, and to inspire future participants.”

The idea is to bring all that is JCC Maccabi™— from the Games, and ArtsFest and, to JCC Israel Center’s teen trips — under one overarching message that will appeal to teens. And it allows the host communities to succinctly share and create, in a way that complements their own hashtags, messaging and delegation identities.

#WeAreJCCMaccabi will be used to gather participants’ social media messages, theme their artwork and guide their Hangtime activities. As well, the JCC can use in other digital platforms. Spectators can join in, and 2016 host communities — JCC of Stamford, Connecticut, St. Louis Jewish Community Center in Missouri, and the Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus in Ohio — can get a jump on things and begin using it now.

It’s not hard to remember. And it embodies what’s at the heart of JCC Maccabi:

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