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Let the Listening Tour Begin


You Get What You Give. Get Up Offa That Thing. You Cannot Win If You Do Not Play.

Melodies tripped and jangled through the New York City office of JCC Association during my first two weeks on the job as CEO and President.

You Better, You Better, You Bet.

After meeting individually with more than fifty members of our team in the first stage of an intensive assessment of our work with all of our stakeholders, I asked everyone for the song that she or he wanted to share with the family of three hundred and fifty JCCs and Ys, camps, and agencies we serve.

Friends. Power of Soul. I’ve Just Seen a Face.

Considering the millions of annual visits to our sites, the countless moments of meaning and connection and the endless possibilities JCCs offer each day — it’s no wonder our team wants to get up and sing about what we do.

What’s Going On? What’s So Funny ’bout Peace, Love and Understanding? Changes.

But we also recognize that as we enter a transition in leadership — with tremendous gratitude for what’s been built before us as well as a buzz of curiosity and determination to discover what’s next — there are many questions about what we as a movement should strive to be.

People. Natural Mystic. I Will Survive.

Music is one of the world’s great connectors — a comfort, a prophecy, a secret smile. It’s a looking glass to see ourselves and a window into the world. It’s the echo of what we think we know and a whisper of dreams we have all but forgotten.

Glory. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Dream On. Yehiyeh Tov. New Day Rising.

Our team is listening closely: What rhythms will move our communities five, ten, or twenty years from now? What voices will blend in unexpected harmony? When you tune your ears to the sounds of the Jewish community of the future, what songs do you hear?

Listen to the #jccsoundingboard playlist here.

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Reader Interactions


  1. There have been so many great songs posted already, so I had to dig deep.
    How about Heal the World By Michael Jackson

  2. Beginnings-Chicago

    The JCC is the beginning of Jewish identity for our children and the beginning of lifelong connections to their Jewish friends.

  3. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk

    “Make it better…
    Makes us stronger…
    Our work is never over…”

    Best song to get motivated! When I hear this track, I remind myself that constant improvement is achievable.

  4. Bridge Over Troubled Water,

    An oldie but a good one! Always calms me down, makes me take a deep breath and listen

  5. Bright Side of the Road by Van Morrison….it’s a go-to cheer-up song for me and reflects the great optimism and future-directed thinking we’re demonstrating as a movement. Thanks for an inspiring week.

  6. Press On – Robert Randolph and the Family Band
    Chant A Psalm a Day – Steel Pulse

  7. 1) I can’t get no satisfaction
    2) the times, they are a changing
    3) these are the people in my neighborhood