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New Partnership Will Bring Children’s Yoga to JCCs

JCC Association is delighted to announce a new partnership with Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) to present Yoga Yeladim, a children’s wellness and stress-management program with a Jewish twist. Yoga Yeladim will enable JCCs to give children all the benefits of traditional yoga–stretching, relaxation, meditation, proper breathing, self-discipline–through a fun, musical session that will have children singing and dancing to an original, Jewish-themed score. While classes are active, they all include deep meditation with the goal of giving children self-calming tools.

Yoga is one of the most popular healthful forms of activity, and yoga for children is becoming increasingly popular all over North America. Yoga classes are now found in schools, camps, and fitness centers.

Yoga Yeladim as a division of Kidding Around Yoga provides three-day trainings to teach its special yoga-based games and activities designed for children. Participants do not need to be already certified to teach Yoga to enroll in the training.  JCC professionals will receive an additional half day of training specifically in Yoga Yeladim content at the JCC training sites.  A JCC’s licensing fee will entitle it to password protected access to Yoga Yeladim’s curriculum and program materials.  Check out some of the content at

Upcoming trainings are being held at
Oct. 27-29 – Mandel JCC of Palm Beach Gardens
Dec. 9-11 – JCC Chicago
Jan. 25 – 27 – Marcus JCC of Atlanta

Additional trainings will be offered in February in the Northeast and in March on the West
Coast. For more information on Yoga Yeladim, contact Steve Becker,  [email protected].

complete list of Kidding Around Yoga trainings open to the public is available.

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