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A Brand New Siddur for the Troops

This is the full article from our October 2013 eNews story.

JWB has developed a new siddur with the cooperation, input and guidance of representatives of all major movements in American Judaism. Not only is this the first new siddur for the U.S. Armed Forces in 28 years, but it is the first time Jewish military personnel will have a complete common prayer book. This more comprehensive and contemporary siddur, which includes all of the traditional text along with gender-sensitive language and universal transliterations of the Hebrew text, will make the prayer experience more accessible and inclusive for all Jewish servicemen and women.

The siddur’s compact design matches the JWB Tanakh published six years ago and will allow it to be carried in the pocket of a military uniform. A first run of 11,000 copies will be distributed free to military bases, to individual chaplains and lay leaders in the quantities they request, to chaplains at Veterans Hospitals and to every individual Jewish service member for whom we have contact information. Copies will also be available for purchase.

“We are honored and excited to be completing our new military siddur,” said Rabbi Harold Robinson, director of JWB. “It is symbolic of the unifying role that the Jewish chaplaincy has always played-and continues to play-for the American Jewish community.”

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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