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Operation Seder to bring Passover to our troops

Operation Passover

Online campaign to run from Purim through Pesach

Jews around the world celebrate Purim today. And one of the ways they mark the holiday is by giving tzedakah, or charity, to those in need.

JWB Jewish Chaplain’s Council has always met the needs of Jewish men and women in the military by providing seders and kosher food for the Passover holiday. Being away from community and home during one of the most celebrated of Jewish holidays is tough. You can make it less so for those stationed in faraway places by supporting JWB’s Tilt campaign.

Troops receive holiday packages from JWB throughout the year; they’re probably enjoying their Purim gifts as you read this. Your generosity allows the Jewish men and women who serve this country, to feel connected to the Jewish community, and have that little taste of home when they’re so far away.

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