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The results you’ve been waiting for—what kind of JCC pro are you?

In our September issue, we shared a quiz which answered the age-old question: What kind of JCC professional are you? Hundreds of people took the quiz and the results told us a lot about just who works at a JCC: We weren’t surprised to see that most of our professionals got cheerleader and team player. They’re a spirited bunch and always happy to pitch in wherever they’re needed! We had an even split between up & comer and lifer, which just goes to show that JCC professionals are committed to what they do. SuperJew was the least popular answer, but we figure that’s because JCC professionals just find ways to weave Judaism into their everyday.

The quiz is still live, so if you didn’t have a chance to check it out before, you can still find out where you fit in. Remember: the best place to meet JCC professionals just like you is at JCCs of North America Professionals Conference. It takes place in Orlando in March, and you only have through the end of this week to get the early bird rate, so register now!


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