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Revisiting Zionism


Following the success of last year’s Zionism 3.0, the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto, California will reprise the multi-speaker, multi-viewpoint conference. This year, JCC Association is on board as a sponsor of the daylong event, providing support to Livestream it so that anyone can take part. The event runs Sunday, Sept. 18 from 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. and we will be sharing the link when it becomes available.

“This was such an outstanding program last year, bringing such wide and varied viewpoints about Israel under one tent,” says Leah Garber, JCC Association vice president and director, JCC Israel Center. “This is something JCCs really can do well, since we start as a point of common ground for so many Jews, and we reach the non-Jewish community, too. Where better to present views on Israel in such side diversity?”

This year the program asks the question, “Do American Jewish and Israelis still share a common dream for the future of the Jewish state?” Speakers include Ambassador Dennis Ross, former special assistant to President Obama, U.S. Ambassador to Israel and Egypt Daniel C. Kurtzer, Lucy Aharish, the first Arab-Israeli television host in Israel; Einat Wilf, a foreign policy advisor to Israel’s former President Shimon Peres, and Daniel Gordis, among others.

Last year, the program brought Peter Bienart, an Jewish American columnist, journalist, and political commentator who is often a fierce critic of Israel’s policies, and Brett Stephens, a Pultizer Prize-winning journalist for the Wall Street Journal, and a staunch Israel supporter. While the program included many other speakers, they represented the left and the right, a deliberate goal of the JCC, which wanted to create a space where widely varied views of Israel can be discussed.

View highlights from last year.

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  1. So exciting to hear that it will be available via livestream. Is there a schedule that we could get to publicize? I would love to share with some folks, but likely will need to give them an approx. sense of the agenda of the day