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So what’s new? Innovation Lab: Jerusalem, of course

Innovation Lab: Jerusalem 2015 group photo

Fifty-three JCC executives directors, lay leaders and rising stars from 23 JCCs took part in JCC Association’s first Innovation Lab: Jerusalem, a dynamic platform designed to inspire and inform Jewish Community Centers to take on our most urgent questions: How might we shape a creative, relevant and engaging Jewish future? How might we refresh and renew Israel engagement using the best and brightest of the doers and thinkers of the “start-up nation” to inspire and build our vision? This intensive conference introduced Jerusalem’s innovators from varied fields to our participants to offer out-of-the-box ideas and inspiration.

Whether hearing from Gideon Amichay, founder and chief creative office of No, No, No, No, No, Yes ® creative boutique based in New York City and Tel Aviv, or learning from four unusual trailblazers representing the Christian-Arab, Palestinian and haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, communities, or meeting with Lior Shabo and members of the Jerusalem Parliament, exceptional young leaders from Jerusalem’s worlds of journalism, politics, public policy, social activism, arts and business, we got a ta’am, or taste, of what it means to create, innovate and change in a city steeped in thousands of years of tradition.

Our Lab, sharing innovative methodologies side-by-side with Jerusalem’s thinkers and doers, focused on addressing the vision and needs of JCCs, to strengthen our local communities, and inspire and build Israel engagement in North America at a time of urgent need. As we look ahead, you’ll be hearing more about the work that develops from the Innovation Lab in this winter’s JCC Circle Magazine. And you’ll see it in the work of JCCs that participated as they seek ways to incorporate what they learned, saw and heard into the daily ways of the J.

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