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Supporting those who serve—the U.S. and Israel!

baskets 1
Albert Einstein Academy students who participated in Baskets for Baskets.

Students at Albert Einstein Academy, a small, community Jewish day school in Wilmington, Delaware, are very proud of their connections to the military in the United States in Israel. Noah Moss, whose mother teachers at the school, is a first lieutenant in the Delaware National Guard, and served in Afghanistan. Bar David is a graduate of the academy who will soon be a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Force.

Students wanted to show that pride and raised funds for JWB Jewish Chaplains Council and for Israel’s Lone Soldier Center to support Jews who serve in the U.S. armed forces, as well as those citizens who choose to serve in Israel’s military.

“Baskets for Baskets,” raised $900 in all, with half going to JWB and the other half to the Lone Soldier Center: In Memory of Michael Levin. Children were sponsored for each basket they made during a two-minute period, allowing them to send holiday “baskets” to the troops.

The money to JWB went toward sending kosher for Passover care packages to Jewish troops serving in the U.S. military. The children also made cards that JWB sent to the men and women who serve. The money that went to the Lone Soldier Center provided supermarket vouchers for Passover provisions.

“We are a small school, but we have a lot of heart and we are incredibly proud of our graduates and former students,” writes proud mom Karen Moss, who teaches Jewish studies at the school. “They are menshcen, and they become leaders in whatever fields they choose to pursue.”

Cards the students created for JWB to send to U.S. service men and women. Noah Moss, a graduate of the school, speaking there in 2012 before being deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan.
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