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This Shabbat, Unplug and Slow Down

JCC Association is partnering with Reboot for the National Day of Unplugging (NDU) this weekend. The NDU is part of a larger project called the Sabbath Manifesto, which encourages hyper-connected and frequently frantic people of all backgrounds to re-embrace a day of rest. The National Day of Unplugging runs from sundown Friday, March 23, to sundown, Saturday, March 24, 2012.

Using the NDU an invitation to begin thinking about turning off and then connecting with one another, the Sabbath Manifesto can be something JCC members do individually, or it can serve as the beginning of an all-community program highlighting the benefits of slowing down, and unplugging.  It can be an invitation to examine the rhythm of our days and weeks; this is another way to think about Jewish time.

The 10 core principles of the Sabbath Manifesto are specifically created to be open for unique interpretation by different communities. The principles can be practiced solo, or in a group.  It’s up to the individual to explore, refine and create.

The Ten Principles:

1. Avoid Technology

2. Connect With Loved Ones

3. Nurture Your Health

4. Get Outside

5. Avoid Commerce

6. Light Candles

7. Drink Wine

8. Eat Bread

9. Find Silence

10. Give Back

The Sabbath Manifesto was conceived of and developed by Reboot,, a growing network of thought-leaders and tastemakers who work toward a common goal: to “reboot” Jewish culture, ritual, and traditions making them vital and relevant today.

To learn more about the Sabbath Manifesto, and to gain access to additional program guides created by Reboot, go here: .

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