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Tips for a Winning Pic

Every day, within your doors, on your playing fields, at camp and in the community, the JCC touches lives and inspires us through opportunities to create, learn and connect. But what’s the best way to capture your JCC’s story in pictures? What photos tell your story the best?

Since JCC Association is currently running its Share Your JCC Story photo contest, we thought we’d offer some tips about just what makes a winning JCC photo. We are looking for photos that show variety, breadth and action. We love crowds enjoying themselves; smiling kids in groups; intergenerational shots that show families enjoying your JCC.


While that’s easy to say, it’s not always easy to come by. So we’ve compiled some basics to help you out.

  • three or four kids (toddlers to teens) smiling, having fun, boys and girls together
  • kids playing sports
  • performances, especially ones that show audiences enjoying them
  • teens engaged in community service activities
  • action, action, action
  • Jewish learning – can be anything from adults in classes or a talk to toddlers at a tot Shabbat
  • holiday programming – especially activities that show Jewish symbols, such as kids learning about the lulav and etrog, a community candle lighting at Hanukkah, or making matzah at Pesach
  • Israel engagement – show us how your JCC celebrates Israel on a daily basis

Just as important as capturing these scenes, is the mood the photo conveys. Does it look like everyone is having fun? Does it feel heartwarming? Does it make you laugh, or provoke some other, strong positive response?

There are prizes — $300 for first place, $200 for second, and $100 for third — and a little bit of glory (when we use your photos) for winning. The contest is open to JCC staff and users, basically anyone with a camera who takes photos at your JCC. We hope that you’ll hang the poster announcing the contest prominently in your J, so that interested participants will share their photos with us.

Only online submissions will be accepted. Submit your best photos by December 31; the official rules are posted on site below the submission form. A panel of marketing professionals will judge the submissions and we will be sharing submitted photos with all JCCs.

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