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Two JCCs In the Running for Chase Community Giving Contest

The JCC of Rockland in West Nyack, New York and the Sandra & Leon Levine JCC of Charlotte, North Carolina are among the top 100 charities of the Chase Community Giving Facebook Contest, vying to compete for $500,000. The voting started on May 19 and runs to May 26. Supporters can vote here for the Levine JCC and here for the JCC of Rockland.

The two JCCs are competing with charities across the United States, serving many different communities. Each JCC launched a heroic effort to encourage supporters to vote in the first round of the contest.  “We had no idea where we were on the Leaderboard,” said Levine JCC board member Elise Kosofsky. “When we finally saw the numbers go up on the board, we were elated.”

Rockland JCC Executive Director David Kirschtel stated that this second round of voting is dedicated to the Munich 11, the JCC’s focus as a host site for the 2012 JCC Maccabi Games.  The JCC came in thirty-seventh in the first round. Their goal is to collect 11 million coins: 1 million for each of the Israeli athletes and coaches killed at the 1972 Olympic games and to support hunger efforts in Rockland and Israel, making change locally and abroad.

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