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Two ways to do Birthright—for JCC staff

There are 21 young professionals pre-registered for JCC Association’s Taglit-Birthright trip for young professionals who work in JCCs and other Jewish organizations.

But there’s room for more!

The trip will take place Dec. 4-14. Full registration opens on Sept. 12, so encourage your staff and other young Jewish professionals in your community to sign up today!

This is a special opportunity, not only for JCC staff, but also for JCCs to be seen as the lead organization among local Jewish agencies. Encourage young Jewish staff from local synagogues, Jewish social service organizations, youth groups and more to take part in this unique opportunity, where they’ll be able to visit Israel for FREE, and take it in through the lens of Jewish professional leadership.

“We’d love to fill our bus with young professional Jews who will enrich your community with stronger connections to Israel,” says Joy Brand-Richardson, JCC Association vice president, director of training and professional development. “Birthright has helped us create a unique opportunity, by extending the age eligibility. It’s a terrific opportunity for anyone working in the Jewish communal world.”

They will explore as young Jewish professionals, network, learn, experience and enrich their Jewish identities—and bring it all back to home. They’ll be meeting with Israelis who work in similar fields, and helping to build a stronger bond between the Jewish homeland and your community.

The trip has expanded age limits from a regular Birthright trip, and those ages 22-29 are eligible. It is open to anyone who self-identifies as Jewish—even if they have been on a peer trip to Israel before age 18.

Pre-register today, forward this information to other local Jewish organizations, and post it to social media, so that their young staff can take part, too.

For more information, contact Sara Sless in the JCC Israel Center.

So JCC camp’s your thing?

birthright group on massada courtesy of Abbey Henkin

Know someone whose passion is camp? Let them know they can travel to Israel with theirr tribe on the JCC Camp Staff Birthright Trip. Registration opens on Sept. 12, but you can pre-register now to get the ball rolling.

The trip is for those who have worked in a JCC Association-affiliated camp, and is open to those 18-24. It will take place Dec. 21, 2016 – Jan. 2, 2017.

Like other Birthright trips, it is a FREE, 10-day trip to Israel.

“This is our third year to offer the JCC Camp Staff Birthright trip, and it’s a great opportunity to see Israel,” says Jodi Sperling, JCC Association senior camp consultant. “You’ll be with staff from other JCC Association camps, on a dedicated camp staff bus.”

It’s a great way to bring the fun of camp on a trip to Israel, and then bring back the excitement of Israel to camp next summer, she says.

Check here for more details, or email Amy Grassel with questions or for more information.

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