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Unplug yourself

ClockTied to your laptop? Overwhelmed by your email? Is the word “wireless” meaningless because you’re attached to your phone as if by umbilical cord?

Then it’s time to unplug! Join JCC Association and JCCs across the continent as we once again partner with Reboot for the National Day of Unplugging, which runs from sundown to sundown, Friday and Saturday March 6-7.

It’s no coincidence that it falls on Shabbat, the traditional Jewish day of rest. Reboot, an organization that affirms the value of Jewish traditions and creates new ways for people to make them their own, designed the National Day of Unplugging to encourage people to slow down, take stock and connect to one another in real space.

It’s part of Reboot’s Sabbath Manifesto, meant to emphasize the benefits of a day of rest for the hyper-connected. This can be something individuals can take on alone, or something that JCCs can use as a jumping-off point for programming. As Randy Ellen Lutterman, JCC Association’s vice president for arts and culture puts it, “We like to think of it as an invitation to examine the rhythm of our days and weeks; this is another way to think about Jewish time.”

There are 10 core principles of the Sabbath Manifesto and you can look through “JCC Association’s Beginner’s Guide to Shabbat Unplugged” for ideas and suggestions for finding ways to slow down your lives, and get most out what has been one of the Jewish people’s greatest gifts to the world – down time.

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