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Offers high-quality genetic testing, including carrier screening that helps better predict health trajectories.

1425 Madison Ave
New York, NY

Contact: Lily Brozek
Ph: 475-333-3686


About Sema4

Sema4 (formerly known as the Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Lab – an innovator and thought leader in genetic testing for Jewish communities) offers high-quality genetic testing, including carrier screening, which helps prospective parents more accurately identify whether they carry certain genetic mutations that might affect their offspring. Sema4’s Comprehensive Jewish Carrier Screening panel of 96 disorders tests for more diseases in the Ashkenazi population than any other Jewish carrier screen on the market, including Gaucher disease, Tay-Sachs disease, Niemann-Pick disease, Bloom syndrome, and Factor XI deficiency. This test is also the first of its kind to address the largely overlooked needs of the Sephardi and Mizrahi Jewish populations.

Sema4 also offers an Expanded Carrier Screen, which tests for 281 genetic diseases by using 6 different testing technologies to provide more accurate results for patients. In addition, the Sema4 diagnostics menu is expanding to include an enhanced non-invasive prenatal test, newborn screening, and hereditary and non-hereditary oncology testing. All of Sema4’s tests were developed through years of research and patient interaction within the Mount Sinai Health System, a world-renowned academic medical center. Sema4 is contracted with all major national insurance providers and offers competitive rates as well as patient self-pay and patient assistance program options, where applicable.

Sema4 is excited to host educational programs at JCCs across the country, including seminars, screenings and webinars, and will manage all event logistics. Please also keep Sema4 in mind for any upcoming health fairs as they would love to participate and provide screenings, genetic counselors and other support. If you have any questions about Sema4’s tests, services or events, please contact their team at or at 800-298-6470.

More Information

Sema4 is an interdisciplinary health information company that is committed to providing open access to data and creating practical tools that help patients, clinicians, and researchers better predict health trajectories. Formerly the Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Lab at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, Sema4 combines Mount Sinai’s extensive experience in the field, including cutting-edge clinical expertise, world-class academic research, and pioneering information science.

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