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ProCon, the exclusive signature professional development gathering of the JCC Movement in North America, convenes professionals from JCCs (Jewish Community Centers and Jewish Community Camps) throughout North America, and from every sphere and specialty within them. The 2021 event has been newly reimagined and redesigned for the online environment will be offered at no-cost to every JCC professional, ensuring larger-than-ever numbers of participants from throughout the JCC world.

Stay tuned to this site and your cohort listservs in the coming months for registration information and further schedule details as they become available.


Click here to view the ProCon 2021 schedule.


What is ProCon?

ProCon is shorthand for the JCCs of North America Professional Conference.

Why should I attend ProCon?

At ProCon, you will learn from cohort peers and experts in all fields of JCC work; be inspired to recommit to the work of Jewish community-building; and connect with the ideas and people of the JCC Movement.

When and where will ProCon 2021 be held?

ProCon will be held from April 27-29, 2021, and a few Peer Learning Communities may hold sessions before or after these dates. The conference will be a live interactive digital experience through a seamless online platform.

Who should attend?

JCC professionals from all cohorts of the movement are invited to join the conference, which is designed exclusively to meet the needs of Jewish community professionals working within JCCs.

What is the cost to attend?

This year, JCC Association is offering ProCon to all JCC professionals at no cost to them or their JCCs.

How can I register?

Registration will open in March 2021, and you will receive a registration announcement by email.

What is the schedule for ProCon?

The majority of the live conference events and sessions will be held from 12:30-5:30 p.m. EST, with breaks built in throughout the day. Participants can attend sessions as their schedule allows and should work with their supervisors to ensure they can schedule time to participate fully.

What kinds of sessions can I expect to experience?

Attendees can look forward to a variety of diverse, interactive sessions in various formats: large groups, small breakouts, and one-on-one experiences. After you register, you’ll choose specific sessions to attend to build your own ProCon schedule.

    • JCC Movement Moments

      Much like plenaries, JCC Movement Moments will bring together JCC professionals from across the field for the opening and closing sessions of the conference. During JCC Movement Moments we will celebrate our collective achievements, be inspired by thought leaders, and envision the future of the JCC Movement.

    • Peer Communities

      Often thought of as job tracks, Peer Communities are so much more. In three Peer Community sessions (one of which cohort leaders will schedule for before or after the conference), participants will learn and connect within their peer cohorts and focus on their own métier or areas of responsibility.

    • Build Your Own Experience (BYO)

      BYO sessions will take participants beyond their Peer Communities where they can learn about the best ideas in the JCC field, garner advice from senior Jewish community professionals, and have fun!

      All BYO sessions (detailed below) will be available only in BYO schedule blocks:

        • Enrichment Electives

          In these electives, participants can enhance their professional skills and knowledge and explore topics and ideas beyond those addressed in Peer Community sessions.

        • JCC Excellence Showcase

          Discover the best ideas in the movement from the JCC professionals who generated them. Learn how to create successful programs, build exciting events, execute unique marketing strategies, attract and retain outstanding staff, and experience visionary management.

        • Trusted Advising

          Book a 30-minute appointment with a coach, JCC executive, or Jewish learning/lens consultant for a rich conversation, advice on a specific question, or valuable insight and guidance on various topics.

        • Delegation Night

          Come together with your JCC delegation for a fun evening activity with other delegations.

        • Kindred Group Happy Hour

          Connect and network with kindred colleagues from beyond your peer community cohort.

        • Brain Dates

          Brain dates offer one-on-one or small group networking around specific topics proposed by participants.

        • Virtual Exhibit Hall

          Visit ehibitors in their “virtual booth,” attend a presentation, or book one-on-one appointments to learn more.


What sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities will ProCon offer?

For information about sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, contact Annette McCann, director of development.


Don’t see your cohort here? Consider joining another cohort or attending JCC Movement Moments and BYO sessions.

Other ProCon questions?