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Forums: Navigating the New Landscape


Forum 1.1:

Governance: Attracting New Leadership.

How can we make our boards more relevant for younger leaders? What are the latest trends and how can we use them to our benefit? Get to work on solutions for your board!

Chair: Lisie Gottdenker, Bethesda, Maryland

Presenter: Susan Meier, Senior Governance Consultant, BoardSource

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom C


Forum 1.2:

Making Wellness the Competitive Edge through Community Outreach

Discover new ways of developing Jewish community events that connect in a contemporary way. Learn to design events that are relevant, inclusive and convenient.

Chair: Linda Russin, New City, New York

Moderator: Barak Hermann, CEO, JCCs of Greater Baltimore


Dr. Susan Gross, Genetics MD, Sema 4

Janice Weinman, CEO, Hadassah

Location: Convention Center, Sultana Room


Forum 1.3:

Hopes and Dreams, Sparking Ideas through Innovation

For more than a decade, the Jewish Education Project has been pioneering collaborative efforts to spark and spread innovations that expand the reach and increase the impact of Jewish education. This session will allow participants to begin that process for their JCC and provide the tools to continue the conversation back home.

Chair, Stephen Kaufman, Houston, Texas

Presenter: Dena Klein, Director, New Models (Leadership Initiatives), Jewish Education Project

Location: Convention Center, 204/205 Rooms



Forum 1.4:

From Branding to Being Present: Designing Meaningful and Memorable Events

In this immersive and hands-on workshop, learn what it takes to create an intentional community event that results in genuine relationship-building, fosters self-discovery and development, helps people understand and connect to Jewish beliefs and practices, and inspires action.

Chair: Ruth Fletcher, Los Gatos, California

Presenter: Danya Shults, Founder, ARQ

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom D


Forum 1.5:

JCCs as Architects of the Jewish Future

This session will use interactive experiences to explore new perspectives on finding meaning in being Jewish in the 21st century.

Chair: Michael Gildenhorn, Bethesda, Maryland

Presenter: Zach Bodner, CEO, Oshman Family JCC

Location: Convention Center, River Bluff Room


Forum 1.6:

iJews: Generational Change in Jewish Life

Insights on how “Jewish” is evolving in America, and what it means for us.

Chair: Ann Kaufman, Houston, Texas

Presenter: Alan Cooperman, Director of Religion Research, Pew Research Center

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom E


Forum 1.7:

Using the Internet as a Front Door

As our world becomes more impersonal, creating experiences that offer regular in-person connections becomes more important. Where does your JCC fit into this changing environment? Alana Newhouse, editor-in-chief of Tablet magazine, will offer a larger perspective for us to debate. Bring your questions.

Chair: Richard Frankoff, Las Vegas, Nevada

Presenter: Alana Newhouse, Founder and Editor in Chief, Tablet Magazine 

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom B


Forum 1.8:

Great Facilities, Great Leaders 

What are the necessary elements for JCC facilities to operate at peak performance? What are the responsibilities of JCC leaders to assure that those elements are in place? Michael Staenberg, an experienced leader across several JCCs, will reflect on those questions and others. Joining Michael are three JCC executives who have benefited from his leadership.                     

Chair: Lynn Wittels, St. Louis, Missouri


Michael Staenberg, President, The Staenberg Group    

Mark Martin, Executive Director, Omaha JCC

Michael Waldman, Executive Director, JCC of Greater St. Paul Area         

Location: Convention Center, Mississippi Room


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Sunday, May 6, 2018

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