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Forums: Engagement: Pushing the Boundaries


Forum 4.1:

What Makes Them Join?

In this session, you’ll discover the U.S. Navy’s research insights into attracting the millennial and Gen Z and what it can mean for your JCC.

Chair: Jerome Makowsky, Memphis, Tennessee

Presenter: Ken Dowling, Global Client Lead-The Navy Partnership & Managing Director, Young & Rubicam Memphis

Location: Convention Center, 204/205 Rooms 


Forum 4.2:

Understanding Generation Z: The generation who will save us all?

Today’s teenagers are known by many names, including the Selfie Generation and iGeneration, both of which connote negative and narcissistic characteristics. While some of these attributes may be accurate, they fail to capture the complexity and paradox of a generation of youth who are abundantly committed and equipped to bring about positive change. This session will look at the tensions inherent in actively engaging Jewish teenagers, by providing a better understanding of who they are and what they need. It will also provide helpful tips to JCCs on how to engage Jewish teens in meaningful ways today and tomorrow.

Chair: Craig Weiss, Memphis, Tennessee


David Bryfman, Chief Innovation Officer, Jewish Education Project

Susan Wachsstock, Director, New York Teen Initiative, Jewish Education Project

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom E


Forum 4.3:

The Importance of Planned Giving: Starting and Growing a Program

This session will introduce planned giving, and illustrate vehicles that enable donors to provide generously in the present and for the future using donor-centered transactions that are often part of tax, investment and estate planning.

Chair: Phyllis Tabachnick, Chicago, Illinois

Presenter: Neal P. Myerberg, Consultant – Myerberg Philanthropic Advisors, Lecturer – Planned Giving at Columbia University in the City of New York

Location: Convention Center, Cotton Row Room


Forum 4.4:

Using Facebook to Bring People to the JCC

With more than 2 billion users around the world, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform, connecting people to each other and the organizations they care about. With the mission of giving people the power to build community, Facebook can help you create supportive digital spaces for your members and supporters. Building on the rich history of JCCs serving as the cornerstones of Jewish communities across North America, come learn about the power of Facebook groups to help you build a digital community without walls.                                                      

Chair: Cheryl Fishbein, New York, New York

Presenter: Nona Jones, Strategic Partner Manager, Communities, Facebook

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom C


Forum 4.5

The Power of Engaging Children at JCC Day Camp and Why It Holds the Key to the Future

Day camp has the potential to impact the lives of thousands of campers and staff, as an ideal gateway to year-round engagement of children and their families. Day camp is more essential to the education of every Generation Z child, teen and young adult than ever before. Understand the exciting opportunities that are ahead and confront the challenges and brutal truths that we must overcome to maximize return on investment for our day camp programs. The world is changing quickly, and JCCs should be equipped to prepare campers and staff for this uncertain future. These individuals will be leading our JCCs and Jewish communities before we know it. YOU hold the key!

Chair: David Wax, La Jolla, California


Tom Rosenberg, CEO American Camp Association

Jeremy Fingerman, CEO Foundation for Jewish Camp

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom D


Forum 4.6:

LGBTQ, Voices from the Field: Conversations on LGBTQ Inclusion at JCC’s

Join a panel of JCC lay leaders and professionals from around the country who have implemented changes to their JCCs’ programs, policies and cultures to become more LGBTQ-inclusive. Participants will be able to hear about their challenges and successes, as well as ask questions that address their hopes and concerns about bringing this conversation back to their home communities.

Chair: Joan Swartz, Austin Texas             

Presenter: Daniel Bahner, National Director of Education and Training, Nice Jewish Boys Boston Coordinator, Keshet

Brian Schreiber, President and CEO, JCC of Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Gayle Waxman, Executive Director, Rose and Max Rady Jewish Community Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jessica Whitehill, Board President, Asheville JCC, North Carolina

Location: Convention Center, Mississippi Room


Forum 4.7:

Everyone’s at the J: Inclusion and Special Needs

This session will explore ways your JCC can become a center for everyone, and why that makes it stronger.

Chair: Judith Lieberman, Morristown, New Jersey

Presenter: Liviya Mendelson, Manager of Accessibility and Inclusion, Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre; Director of Accessibility and Inclusion, UJA Federation of greater Toronto

Location: Convention Center, Sultana Room, Mezzanine Level

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
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