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JCCs of North America Biennial Seminars- Best Practices and Programs


Seminar 1:

Building a Culture of JCC Maccabi at your JCC – the Opportunity and impact in both traveling and hosting years.

Join us to learn more about JCC Maccabi, the largest gathering of Jewish teens in the world. Recent host communities will share their experiences, as well as their expertise on what it takes to identify and develop new programs and convert JCC Maccabi donors and community partners into sustainable relationships. We will have meaningful conversations about the “five unbreakable truths” of JCC Maccabi. You will leave this session understanding the value proposition of this unique program, and wanting to deepen the JCC Maccabi culture in your communities.                                                

Chair: Amy Rosenberg, Boca Raton, Florida


Betzy Weinblatt-Lynch, Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Family JCC of San Diego – Jacobs Family Campus

Samantha Cohen, Associate Executive Director & Vice President of Program Services, Merage JCC of Orange, California

Lenny Dubin, Chair, Operations and Support Team, JCC Maccabi, JCC Association, Houston, Texas

Location: Convention Center, Chickasaw Room 


Seminar 2:

Givers and Takers: Corporate Social Responsibility and its Impact on the Non-Profit Community

The goals of this session, whose audience includes senior leaders and business- and corporation-owners, are to understand why social responsibility is important as a core value of many businesses and corporations, and how JCCs can access these companies as partners in serving the community.

Chair: Donald W. Brodsky, Houston, Texas


Neil J Gibson, Vice President of Corporate Communications, FedEx Services

Becki B. Cedrone, Director, Community Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom C


Seminar 3:

How Capital Campaigns Can Build Long-term Relationships

Fundraising consultant David Valinsky and two JCC teams will present capital campaigns and discuss how they were leveraged for successful, ongoing relationships with donors.

Chair: Howard Jacobson, Prairie Village, Kansas

Moderator: David Valinsky, David Valinsky Associates


Jeff Dannick, Executive Director, Jeff Dannick

David Yaffe, President- Elect, Northern Virginia JCC

Michael Feinstein, CEO, Bender Family JCC- Rockville

Heidi Brodsky, Board Chair, Bender Family JCC- Rockville

Michael Waldman, Executive Director, St, Paul JCC 

Bruce Fink, President, St, Paul JCC 

Location: Convention Center, Cotton Row Room 


Seminar 4:

Beyond the Boardroom: A Board Member’s Role

What is a JCC board member’s role out in the community? How do you represent the JCC when may be serving on other boards? Can you support your JCC yet not always wear that JCC hat? Learn how to navigate this sometimes sticky path.

Chair: Paula L. Sidman, Boston, Massachusetts

Presenter: Anna Holtzclaw, Principal, The Holtsclaw Group

Location: Convention Center, River Bluff Room 


Seminar 5:

Safety Matters Every Day: How Proactive JCCs Are Building an Active Culture of Safety

We’re all committed to safety. But it sometimes doesn’t get prioritized until there’s an incident. These incidents impact your reputation, staff morale and budget. That’s why JCC Association and Redwoods have been working together with JCCs on a year-long study to explore how we can make safety a central part of our organizational cultures. Come and hear about what we’ve learned, and then let’s discuss ways we can all put this learning into action.

Chair: Joyce Goldstein, Essex Fells, New Jersey


Dan Norber, Vice President, Consulting Services, The Redwoods Group


Jill Madsen, CEO Jewish Federation, JCC Executive Director, Charlotte & Dick Levin JCC, Durham, North Carolina

Jeffrey Rips, Executive Director, Barbara and Ray Alpert JCC, Long Beach, CA

Jim Sluyter, CEO and President, JCC of Greater Kansas City, Kansas


Location: Convention Center, Sultana Room 


Seminar 6:

JCC Day Camps as Community Builders and Identity Builders

We know that camps have the potential to do amazing things for campers and staff, and that our JCC camps are so much more than sources of financial support. This session will focus on how to use camp as a model for engagement to position our JCCs as hubs of community, cultivate leadership throughout every experience, provide innovative programming in order to respond to community needs and maximize the social return on our investment. We often look at camps as core business because of the potential financial return, but how do we also think about our camps as core business to mission? We can’t afford not to run great camps, because the social return is off the charts!

Chair: Suzanne Tucker, Westfield, New Jersey


Michael Soberman, Senior Educational Consultant, iCenter for Israel Education

Andrew Levy, Executive Director, Schwartz/Reisman Centre & Prosserman JCC. Toronto, Ontario

Jennifer Mamlet, Executive Director, JCC of Central New Jersey, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom D


Seminar 7:

Wellness: What You Need to Know to Remain Competitive Against Boutique Clubs and Studios

What is a boutique club or studio? Why is the model so attractive to millennials? How do JCCs compete in this new market? Learn from JCCs tapping into this market-they will share their programs with you.

Chair: David Peltz, Toronto, Ontario


Frank Guengerich, COO, WTS International, Inc. 

Scott Ehrlich, Executive Director, David Posnack JCC, Davie, Florida

David Kirschtel, Executive Director, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, New York

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom E


Seminar 8:

Out of the Box Ways to Engage Families

At the heart of our work in JCCs, especially in our early childhood centers, is nurturing collaborative partnerships with families. In order to inspire families on their journeys in this complex 21st century, we need to imagine new ways and create new opportunities to bring them into our communities. Come and hear some new, cutting-edge ideas that will help you on your journey.


Mark Sokoll, CEO, JCC Family Initiative, JCCs of Greater Boston, Newton, Massachusetts          

Jeanne Lovy, Vice President and Director, JCC Family Initiative, JCCs of Greater Boston, Newton, Massachusetts             

Leonard Petlach, Executive Director, Kingsbay Y- JCC, Brooklyn, NY

Caryn Roman, Site Director, Fort Greene & Clinton Hill, JCC Brooklyn: A Project of Kings Bay Y-JCC,

Jonathan Lev, Executive Director, Boulder JCC, Colorado

Location: Convention Center, 204/205 Rooms 

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
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